I cant find any way to get free wii points

I don't know how to get free points. Please help. Any websites, anything. I'll try anything to get free wii points. Please help me!!!!

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bravo757 years ago
The guy who posted this just wants to get his referral link out there. Can't blame him for that. Where else is he gonna post his referral link. Hardly going to start up a global adwords campaing with the ad title "please sign up for Prizerebel, using my ref.", is he now. I just don't know why these guys are so adamant on getting their ref link out there. Just complete the offers, get your points, receive your full free ps3 games (or whatever) and be happy. That's what I do and I use http://points.chooseyourfreebie.com/index.php  over and over again because they are constantly updating their offers. Forget about spamming the internet begging people to sign up under you. Just a thought
Andruha11238 years ago
I suggest you read this website: http://freewiipoints.freemicrosoftpointsnow.com
Gage9878 years ago
if you are so desprite why don't you just buy them they are only like twenty dollars-at least in ohio they are
NachoMahma9 years ago
jchar77 (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
yeah. I tried google, ask.com, yahoo, and even here, but I cant find anything. Also, things like www.prizerebel.comwww.prizerebel.com are for America. (secretly I'm Australian). And that means that I cant complete any american offers
jchar77 (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
really, I have tried everyhing. I have googled almost every aspect of wii points and I have been about 30 pages deep in each search and I've found nothing. I've had a look at forums and they've revealed nothing.