I cant log in

A weird thing has been happening, i'm logged in but whenever i look at an instructable it logs me out, it will show the upper right saying "sign in / sign up" instead of my account settings.  But the real problem is when i press the comment button the log in screen shows up but when i type my name and password and hit "log in" it goes back to the instructable... its just the way it was before i cant comment no matter how many times i log in, but if i leave the page it logs me back in.

Whats going on here?

klixtopher2 years ago
I'm having the same issue. Have already cleared the instructables cookies from my cache twice. I saw there was a "keep me logged in button" on another discussion, but could not find it in the link they posted, fortunately I finally found the "bugs" forum. (I only really seem to have developed problems with my profile etc. since I activated my "pro" membership - which is sad.)
Okay, so now it only seems to be doing it for one instructable:
the others seem to work fine, but that one won't work - no matter where I try to link from.
canucksgirl2 years ago
Log out, then clear the cache on your browser and delete the cookie for Instructables. Then log back in. That should take care of it.

There can occasionally be login issues after there's been an update if your browser is loading from the cache. (Deleting the cookie can help reset things also).
Please follow canucksgirl's advice, as this sounds like a caching problem.
monsterlego (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
Ok, but i don't know how to "delete cookies"
Search the internet for "delete cookies in [insert your browser here]"