I can't upload pictures

I am trying to make a new instructable, first time, and when I select an image, and hit upload, a new browser window opens and says "Error 400! No file!" or something. I am using safari, and 10.4.9 on a mac. Please fix your shit. I hate websites that don't work on macs.

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gustabofrog6 years ago
I had problems too in Safari and Chrome. At the end I had to use Firefox (don't like it)
But I just realised is 2011...
ll.1310 years ago
Take a chill pill. We all have our fav. internet browser but I can still use my un-fav. internet browser if I have to, which is flexibility. :P =)
Not necessarily. On Linux it's just about Firefox or nothing.
Konquereor, Seamonkey, Opera...... =P
You can get IE on linux.
Yes, the older versions if you try moderately hard. The new versions if you try really hard. It should also be pointed out that this sight was designed for use with Firefox...
Yeah, I use Firefox and I've never really had problems with the site.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. What I can't figure out is, if this place is such a piece of shit, why do you want to upload? Yes, the site has a few minor problems, but I think you will find the information, and especially the people, here to be very valuable and well worth a few annoyances. . And as LasVegas and lebowski pointed out, the problem is with your browser, not the site or Macs.
cash68 (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
I never said this place was a piece of shit. I said they need to FIX their shit. Not supporting safari usually just equals 'poor coding'.
NachoMahma cash6810 years ago
. Since most other browsers, including IE, seem to work (or at least I haven't seen any complaints), I'll stick with my statement. You need to be bitchin' at the Safari developers. . Your whole they-oughta-do-something-and-right-now attitude is way out of line. Why do the fine ppl at Instructables owe you anything? Nope, they're not perfect, but, so far, they haven't charged me anything and have provided me with a lot of good info and a place to meet good ppl. If one of my posts gets lost or a feature doesn't work just right, who am I (or you) to complain?
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