I didn't know I had a swimming pool?

The first thing anybody does on Google Maps is find their own house.  I realised that I had failed in this tradition, and discovered that I have a swimming pool!

Actually, it's a blue tarpaulin I was using to suppress weeds when I was turning a jungle into a lawn...

Picture of I didn't know I had a swimming pool?
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wow you have a nice house. I figured your house would have wheels underneath it. Just incase you had to leave town in the middle of the night
lemonie6 years ago
Yes it looks a bit more like a tarp'.
Next time paint a smiley-face on it in red, just in case they update.

my bulldog Chubbs would always walk on the tarp on top of my pool.when my son saw him doing it he started calling him Jesus' dog.
Wasagi6 years ago
Are all your neighbors jealous?
Kiteman (author)  Wasagi6 years ago
Not as jealous as they are of the neighbours with [google says] bus-stops in their front gardens, even though no buses go down our road.

Wasagi Kiteman6 years ago
Hahaha, has England gotten "streetview" yet? Because according to them, there's a black hole in the middle of my Cul-De-Sac. I had never noticed it beforehand however...
Goodhart Wasagi6 years ago
AAAAH, so THAT'S where the missing Hadron Collider disappeared to LOL
2hot2hack6 years ago
i bet you had the tarp so you can hide your weed from the government.
I've never had the occasion to hide my weeds from the neighbors LOL
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