"I dont know but iv been told":Calling Cadence

my soccer team dose lots of running and we'v been trying to find some of the: I dono what iv been told lines, the ones the armed forces sing when they run in a group (at least i think they do but i have no exspirance). the lead runner says "I dont but iv been told" a response from the rest of the group would be "the sun shines bright but im still cold" so if you know one or two lines please just comment and ill put them up for me and any one elce that needs verses. or if you find a websight that has lists of lines please post a link (yes i have googled it and no didnt find any)

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i make shooting things (author) 10 years ago
west side story, any thing goes-two of our favorite Broadway shows miss sigon (sp) and cabaret over rated i should say Its from the family guy ep when stewie signs up brian for the army just saw it
is it West Side Story, Anything Goes
two of our favorite Broadway shows
Miss Siagon and Cabaret
overrated I should say

Guys and Dolls and Anything Goes
two of our favorite Broadways shows
Oklahoma, Cabaret
overrated I should say

the first one sounds more right
NachoMahma10 years ago
. My favorite from boot camp was:
I don't know, but I've been told
Eskimo posse is mighty cold
. Posse may not be the right word, that was over 30 years ago. heehee
. Another:
A green grasshopper's got a green ash hole
. Google calling cadence.
of course her pusssy wouldnt actually be cold
that helps a lot thanks
. The examples I gave may not be appropriate for your soccer team, but the search string leads to many G-rated ones.
i think high schoolers can handle it....
heathi515 years ago
the idea of the "i don't know but i been told" exercise is merely to force the exhausted soldiers in training to have to loudly sing while they're running, which is very hard. therefore the words are meaningless and the commanding officers will usually make it up on the spot. the most common ones are:

- the streets in heaven/hell are paved with gold
- if you never slow down then you never grow old
they mean little to nothing

however, often times they'll be about girls:
- big legged woman ain't got no soul
- Northern girls are mighty cold

notice how most of them have a lot of words in the the line, so you have to shove 'em all in there, less time for breathing, thus creating a more strenuous and difficult workout
whatsisface10 years ago
"Guys and Dolls and Anything Goes Two of our favourite Broadway shows Oklahoma, Cabaret, Overrated, I should say" I love Family Guy ;-)
hahah yes!!
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