I don't know how to make an instructable

So this isn't actually a "bug," but i really need help! This is my first instructable, and i have no idea how to make it! I don't understand.. so i write a step and then add another step, but what shows up in step two is exactly what i wrote for step one. Am i doing somthing wrong? No one else in my family can figure it out either. Also, how do i put pictures to each step? I don't know how to do any of this. I'd like to post one for the halloween challenge, but i don't know how.

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ashb19845 years ago
mine doesn't work and im on google crome
how do i add another step?
You may have started a "slideshow" instructable.

When you clicked the "submit" tab, did you choose the left or middle of the three options?
ok thanks its working now
how do i make a second forum?
Forum topic? That's on the submit tab as well - scroll down slightly and look to the left of the page.
jacqueline. (author) 6 years ago
i switched to mozilla firefox, and it all works now. thanks!
Hello. We've put some fixes up. Are you still having the same problems? Please let me know. Also let me know what web browser you're using. Thanks!
mine doesn't work. Im using windows internet explorer
jacqueline. (author) 6 years ago
Is there anything else i can do? My friend and i made a costume for the halloween contest, which ends today. We really wanted to enter, but it still doesn't work..
You could send an email to service@instructables.com with some photos of the costumes, to prove they were ready in time for the contest.

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