I dream of cheesy

I have just learned that people believe that eating cheese before bed will give you nightmares. I have also just learned that scientists have proven this not true. In fact, earing cheese before bed will improve your sleep and depending on the type of cheese that you have eaten, will depend on the types of dreams that you have. Now, I wonder how all that Cheez Whiz that Tetranitrate has been eating is affecting his sleep.

You can't make this stuff up.

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Bran9 years ago
I rarely have (or remember) my dreams. Guess it's time to increase my cheese intake. Seriously, I'll try eating some cheddar tonight and see what happens.
I think it takes quite alot to have an effect, I eat alot of cheese in my house, but I always have so Ican't say what's normal, don't even think about saying cheese detox, that would be up there with coffee and cigarettes... It's a food group in my house, like pizza, chicken, micro-shite, green stuff, 'real' veg, alcohol and toast. yes toast get's it's own food group.
I have a wide taste variety when it comes to cheeses.....Bleu, gouda, feta, swiss, farmer's cheese, goat cheese, sharp, and mild...hard and soft. Even the common Cottage cheese *sigh*
Cheese is good stuff... What you said about your grandma and the peanut dates - that must be one of the least eating time to prep time foods in existence... I would suspect someone here could automate the process and remind you of childhood again...
Yeah, it probably almost rivels eating little 6-8 inch crabs, picking tiny pieces of meat out....all that work and so little benefit. I can't imagine even attempting to stuff the dates....tis slower going then having to shell one's own sunflower seeds :-)
Maybe a form of injection mechanism could work, you load the peanuts in and plunge the tool in, forcing them into the date. I can hack eating crabs, they just don't feel like food after all the work...
All energy put into eating the little crabs, gets burned up trying to get at the meat. And you get little cuts in which the Old Bay seasoning goes, etc. Good times LOL
Happiness is bleeding and dissatisfaction, though they might be good weight loss foods, noone would bother eating the whole thing after a while, they'd go the meat payload and subsequently leave the other bits for pets etc.
I have used cayenne as an astringent already, and it helps kills the pain some, but Old Bay is not my favorite thing to put into wounds that seem senseless (nothing gained by them) :-)
I would imagine many to agree on that score...
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