I feel like making some avatars

I feel like i have been less involved in the instructables community lately and i am bored so if someone wants an avatar of something or other that can be made in paint just tell me please because i have nothing to do right now, seriously , you'd be doing me a favour. The first picture is my own avatar and the other two are ones i made for kiteman when he was looking for a variation on his current avatar, if you want them feel free too take if u want, otherwise just send me a pm or leave a comment. -Cheers, Duck

Picture of I feel like making some avatars
kitepirate colour.bmp
kiterice colour.bmp
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Berkin8 years ago
Up close, that duck is downright disturbing. 8|
duck-lemon (author)  Berkin8 years ago
Good thing the avatar is small rite.... **Rite now the citrus army is coming to your house and the citrus-duck ninjas shall murder you horribly in your sleep
8bit8 years ago
Make an updated version of my avatar! I'm supposed to be a lizardman. If you're still up to it that is.
duck-lemon (author)  8bit8 years ago
Alrite i made one but to be honest to make a good lizard man i had to use normal pictures wich don't mix with paint too good. Try my one out but if you dont like it just try and get one from and obscure page of a google search .
duck-lemon (author)  8bit8 years ago
ill give it a go =]
110100101108 years ago
chang kiit man looks really surprised
duck-lemon (author)  110100101108 years ago
"chang kiit man looks really surprised" translates to : The Asian variation of kiteman's avatar looks surprised
duck-lemon (author)  =SMART=8 years ago
I just thought he looked happy? Maybe he does look surprised, well in my eyes he'll always be happy. He's a rice maker by the way, hence the rice maker's hat.
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