I feel...

As is becoming traditional for new folk in The Office, it's time for me lay down some thoughts on my first week as Artist in Residence.

I feel old. 

As I staggered up the stairs last Monday, luggage on my back, I looked and round at a room full of young people.  I haven't been so crass as to directly ask, but I immediately sure that there is a full generation between the people that I was looking at and myself.  Many of them are far closer in age to my sons than to me.

I feel welcome.

Everybody smiled at me, even if my arrival interrupted whatever they were doing, and quite a few folk that first few minutes weren't sure who who I was, but were still welcoming.  Everybody is very helpful, nowhere is out of bounds. Stumpchunkman Matt went out of his way to make sure I had a base to work at, Noahw sorted out the legals in moments, Jessyratfink gave me a tour (the place I had previously referred to as "HQ" is actually in three different places, a brisk stroll apart).

I feel valued.

Almost immediately, my opinion was being asked, used and acted upon.  I've helped choose contest winners, and been part of the development process for the future of the site (interesting!).  I have been included in everything. I have not been punched by a member of the dev team.

I feel trusted.

I have a key to the office hanging on my belt, and I know where the coffee is.

I feel ignorant.

These people, these young people, know so much more than I do about the high end of Making.  But, they're also keen to teach - I have had lots of offers for help to learn.  As a teacher, that feels weird, weirdly good...

I feel happy.

The walk from my apartment to the main office takes about 50 minutes, and goes through a somewhat dodgy area of the city, but every day I smile the full way, even singing and whistling.  The bus-ride back (it's up-hill - I may be happy, but I'm not daft) is crowded and sweaty, but I am still smiling, and still ready to sing (but quietly).  I've never been like that on a commute.

I feel productive.

I've only published two small projects this week, but I have two larger projects in development that will involve staff, and a bunch of other things to make as well.  It's really useful that conversations with staff go along the lines of "Can I have a...? Yes"


Basically, all this adds up to this being a really good experience.  It is by no means a free ride (thank goodness for credit cards!) - if you're young and single you could do this for a lot less than I have, but I could not get away with spending a month in California without bringing the family along.

If you ever, ever get the chance to do this, or something similar, then grab it with both hands!

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Goodhart5 years ago
"...I immediately sure that there is a full generation between the people that I was looking at and myself..."

I felt the same way, last Maker Faire I was at :-)

I am glad your experience is a positive one :-)  I had expected as much of course.   

My two biggest hold backs are my income (which is almost as much as my out GO)  and my wife, who will not even go 1.5 hours away to the beach.   She doesn't even like me to go to the Faire.  But I know I would love the experience...ok, I had better end this  here before I start rambling again... :-)  
DoctorDv5 years ago
I'd love to be an intern whe I'm old enough. It's sort of been a dream of mine!

Kiteman (author)  DoctorDv5 years ago
If not an intern, then, like me, an Artist in Residence.

Keep up a portfolio of decent projects, and make you're application slightly before you're old enough.
the difference being, getting paid in peanuts or in cakes.
Kiteman (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago

(Checks dictionary...)
canucksgirl5 years ago
haha.... Thank you. That was worth the read and you made me laugh. I'm not sure what I found funnier, the "I have not been punched by a member of the dev team" comment, the fact that "your not daft" to walk up hill in San Francisco to get home, or that you've marked your territory like an English Bulldog with that bold Union Jack coffee mug. :P
Staff should be grateful that he didn't mark his territory like an English Bulldog. I don't think the smell comes out even if you use nasty chemicals.
lol... Can you imagine that "I feel" paragraph? 

"I feel confused... I was happily marking my territory when out of no where someone swatted me in the nose with a rolled up newspaper...."
"I feel confused...choosing between the ibles HQ restroom signs of the little robot or the cake caused undue duress...:"
Kiteman (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Hehe, I meant every word. It seems that almost every feedback email I send causes work for folk.
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