I found this ... odd

Couldn't decide if the store is simply weird, or subtly doing their part to keep Mother's Day going.
(Guess THAT's how they are in Eastern Pennsylvania.)

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I used to work at a place like this many years ago. You'd be shocked at the kinds of things people consider to be appropriate Mother's Day gifts.
I made the conscious decision to assume that all such gifts were purchased for people's (very good-natured) wives, as opposed to for their actual mothers. It was the only way to avoid getting totally squicked out by the very thought of it.
CrLz (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
Well there you go- I guess this sign is not out of the ordinary,
... can it still be called weird?
... can it still be called weird?

Oh, yes. Very much so.
Many husbands buy their wife a gift for mother's day, and many married couples continue to enjoy a rich and varied relationship.
Commerce should just create "Annual-gift-day #1-4". You're socially-obliged to buy some crap off us and give it to someone, anyone, everyone you know... There's "slow" spots in the calendar still.

I've always assumed the "slow spots" were carefully crafted to prevent holiday fatigue.
Yes, but consumers are building-up tolerance...

I hope so, it makes me ill that the Christmas "season" starts before Halloween now and ends just after Thanksgiving.
Yes, I think that was the original point.

CrLz (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Hey - I think maybe you've got the nucleus of a great idea:

We DIYers and Instructables should pick a day and designate it official
"Make Something for [someone] Day"

Why wait for commerce to tell us what to do!  Sort of the arts and crafts movement day.  How about 1/2 way around the year from Earth Day? (Just in time for Christmas...)

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