I Found This Place...

I found this place in Derbyshire called Ible.
'ible is short for Instructables so I thought this might be cool to show you guys!

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Kiteman3 years ago

So, the short-form of Instructable is Ible...

hunter9993 years ago

Very interesting! Prehaps Instructables should set up a HQ of some sort there for 'Iblers to meet and gather :D

Kiteman6 years ago
Ible village.jpg
Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
I think that whoever wrote the Wikipedia article may have a vested interest in one of the village's residents...

Ible is a traditional farming community that is one of the few settlements in England that has remained true to its heritage. With more than five farms in a hamlet containing barely 30 people some would think that this would be a desolate spot without agriculture. However, this is not the case. A new mother of two has just competed in the dressage grand prix and there are poets, building suppliers and teachers gathered in this wonderful, friendly society. True Ible may be a little isolated but there are certainly plenty of attractions; the herd of horned cattle are magnificent beasts and dodging chickens on the drive through is certainly an experience! However, the most important sight in the whole of this wonderful place is a certain aspiring biologist. This young woman is one of the most wonderful ever to grace this fine planet that we call earth; she is intelligent and funny, beautiful and caring. Frankly she is an angel and the young boy that currently occupies her time may think himself the luckiest male alive, because if any other man knew of the euphoria he experienced in his companion’s company then they would turn green with envy and women would pale in comparison to her shining brilliance. She is perfect.

Bluetex Kiteman3 years ago

I wonder who this aspiring woman is?? I live in Ible and I am a bee keeper, can't think of who else it would be, and the certain young man who occupies my time is my friends son. I need to know who wrote the article...any answers into how I can find out who wrote it?

Kiteman Bluetex3 years ago

You can look at the edit history...

(You live in Ible? Wow!)

Bluetex Kiteman3 years ago

Thanks, I will have a look at that. Yeah, I live there and it's not "wow" exactly.....it's a lovely place apart from some of the locals!! About the new sign.....I'm still waiting to see a new one appear!

:-) That's awesome. I wonder if the biologist in question has seen the article.

As Chief Washakie of the Wyoming Shoshoni said, "When you are young and full of life, you do strange things." (John McPhee, [i]Rising from the Plains[/i]).
Somebody just came from a BBS...
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