I give up..... Ok, you inspired me to finish it....so no complaints about it's appearance.... ;-)

I really do now. I have tried to recover a blunder done on a large wooden egg I was going to enter into the Egg contest (pyrograph + ), but I have ruined it beyond repair. The pyrography portions take so long to do on a curved surface....I don't think I have the patience to get another and retry.

This is a bit depressing really. Maybe I should go back to just doing electronics and leave the pretty things to those with an eye for it. *sigh*

I added the "finished" pictures to the end......

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Plasmana8 years ago
I feel your pain, I tried to make a homemade flyback transformer, and hoping to post an instructable, but failed... It burnt out - hours of work just simply burnt out... *Sigh*
Goodhart (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
BTW, what do you think went wrong? Too high current or voltage...or a chink in the insulation?
Well, it is too much voltage (10Kv) but I don't understand, the insulation should withstand 7KV and it arced between 300 turns of wire which is about 4Kv between each other... I think it is the salt from my hands...
Goodhart (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
Yeah, maybe you should cut back....some day all that salt will give you high blood pressure :-) Seriously though, I suppose that could happen.
Even a tiny little bit of salt on the wires can cause hugh problems, I read that some where...
Goodhart (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
With the voltage that high, the problems would be caused by a combination of inductance and the conductivity of the salt. Yeah, I can see that happening for sure.....I guess we need to wear rubber gloves to wind HV coils....yeah, that'll happen ;-) I can barely handle the wire without gloves on LOL
Yeah, I am going to buy some gloves soon...
Goodhart (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
Good luck with that.
Thanks, what I really need is some of that resin stuff to seal the coils...
Goodhart (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
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