I got TWO books!!!!

Ok, so, it was a pretty lame day at work, what with the apogee server crashing, and me being the only one to sort it. There was three upsides to my day, Firstly, my colleague gave me a cool pair of 3D glasses! (which is good, cos now i can see everything in 3D!) Secondly, my local burger king opened again, and i had an extra large bacon double cheeseburger! Thirdly, my book came, along with, MY OTHER BOOK! I knew that i had got into the book twice, which is great! but i only expected one copy of the book! Alas, i am now the proud owner of two copies of the book! So, i have to ask, does this mean i get two patches? did anyone else get into the book more than once, and received two copies? am i one of a kind? - gmjhowe

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bumpus8 years ago
Haha, I got two as well. :P
Plasmana bumpus8 years ago
LOL, you took a picture of your mirror!!
Derin bumpus8 years ago
I got zero.
Picture 5.jpg
Hahaha...submit that, see if they'll patch you a "no book" patch just for fun...
I'll try...maybe the patch would be a big zero.
Lftndbt bumpus8 years ago
Are you Micheal Moore? LoL
bumpus Lftndbt8 years ago
Perhaps... :D
gmjhowe (author)  bumpus8 years ago
heyhey! nice one!
Kiteman8 years ago
You got your bookS..............

You're in England...

WHERE'S MINE??????????????????????????????????????

I'm mentioned twice as well...
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