I got stung by a wasp...And Now by a bee...

'll be darned if i get stung again, And yes, I just did, This time by a bee, I think...
I got Stung in the EXACT same spot AGAIN!
I'm here again, sitting in bed, in pain, Stupid bee...

Yesterday, Sunday, I got stung by a wasp, I was walking in our back yard, We have plants there, and I suddenly felt something on my foot, I thought it was a bee, But it hurt to suddenly and badly that it was probably a wasp, we have wasps all over the place, Now i got stung...
I slept Horrible last night, In pain all night long, My foot is now all swollen, And it hurts to walk, I can't go anywhere now, Or do anything, Now i am in bed, Doing nothing, With my Laptop, I hope things get better, Has anyone here had experience with wasp stings?

I think the wasp i got stung with was a yellow jacket, I remember just freaking out and trowing whatever was on my foot off...

Stupid wasp

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Matt214978 years ago
ONly seen a couple bees this year. now i cursed it
ReCreate (author)  Matt214978 years ago
Lucky you, I have seen countless bees just today...
you to?
ReCreate (author)  jedi pen-gui-n8 years ago
Me too what?
I got one on my foot
ReCreate (author)  jedi pen-gui-n8 years ago
lemonie8 years ago
Man you're unlucky!
My mate Clive got bitten by a duck and a rat in the same day (I still laugh about that, and his helmet went mouldy..)

Wow! In the same day!!! I've been bitten by a snake, a rat, a couple of brown recluses, an emu, and a catfish, but never in the same day. I've almost been bitten by an opposum, a squirrel, a horse, a zonkey, two crocs, and a snapping turtle. But I guess my reflexes were a little better on those days.
Zebra-Donkey cross.
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