I guess this really is an adult site now

Last week I had a couple days off school, so a friend and I went to visit a teacher at my old high school. One of my Ibles came up in conversation, so I borrowed a computer to pull it up. Guess what?

My senior year of high school Ibles had no restrictions. In the last year and a half Instructables has been reclassified as Adult. As a result, nobody in the Topeka school district can access Instructables.

Hmmmm, I wonder why they would think Ibles contained adult content, which might not be appropriate for the elementary school students? Such a mystery...

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Kiteman6 years ago
If your school filters Instructables feel free to send me a PM with contact details for your school's network manager (or similar), and I'll drop them a line requesting that they allow the site through the filters.
DJ Radio6 years ago
ROFL, my school has the exact same internet filter.
ilpug6 years ago
I am proud to report that my school, even though it allows no personal electronics, clothes with logos, has 14 active security cameras, and sends kids home for chewing gum; still allows us to access this site with no blocks. Pretty much everything else on the internet is blocked though, including Wikipedia, any image-search programs, and any advertisements.
Kiteman6 years ago
Probable reasons:
  • Body casting projects.
  • Many weapon projects (yes, I know most of them are K.NEX, but see here).
  • Many references to drugs (sorry, partly my fault - see comments)
  • Many questions about hacking, especially school networks (yes, I know we don't answer them, but the questions exist, so the site is guilty by association).
  • A number of projects of questionable safety / legality (schools may be fearful of prosecution if a pupil reads it at school and then goes home and hurts themselves)
  • etc...
If you want to PM me some contact details for the school / district, I would be happy to drop them an email to explain why the site should be exempt from their filters.
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