I guess this really is an adult site now

Last week I had a couple days off school, so a friend and I went to visit a teacher at my old high school. One of my Ibles came up in conversation, so I borrowed a computer to pull it up. Guess what?

My senior year of high school Ibles had no restrictions. In the last year and a half Instructables has been reclassified as Adult. As a result, nobody in the Topeka school district can access Instructables.

Hmmmm, I wonder why they would think Ibles contained adult content, which might not be appropriate for the elementary school students? Such a mystery...

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Kiteman4 years ago
If your school filters Instructables feel free to send me a PM with contact details for your school's network manager (or similar), and I'll drop them a line requesting that they allow the site through the filters.
DJ Radio4 years ago
ROFL, my school has the exact same internet filter.
ilpug4 years ago
I am proud to report that my school, even though it allows no personal electronics, clothes with logos, has 14 active security cameras, and sends kids home for chewing gum; still allows us to access this site with no blocks. Pretty much everything else on the internet is blocked though, including Wikipedia, any image-search programs, and any advertisements.
Kiteman4 years ago
Probable reasons:
  • Body casting projects.
  • Many weapon projects (yes, I know most of them are K.NEX, but see here).
  • Many references to drugs (sorry, partly my fault - see comments)
  • Many questions about hacking, especially school networks (yes, I know we don't answer them, but the questions exist, so the site is guilty by association).
  • A number of projects of questionable safety / legality (schools may be fearful of prosecution if a pupil reads it at school and then goes home and hurts themselves)
  • etc...
If you want to PM me some contact details for the school / district, I would be happy to drop them an email to explain why the site should be exempt from their filters.
Edible underwear...
Isn't just being female at Comic-Con enough?
Remember, always use a pocket-protector.
Makes a great costume, too.
my shirts rarely have "breast pockets" so I just park the pen in the collar. Honestly !
Both those threads get more interesting in light of the ridiculous UK plan to make ISPs responsible for filtering internet content.
And the sister plan in Congress (too lazy to look it up at the moment; it's currently called the E-PARASITE act if memory serves).
I'm pretty sure that the people making these rules have either never used the internet themselves, or have never shared a home with children using the internet.

As you know, I'm generally ignorant of code or indeed anything I can't actually see happening on the screen but even I know that there is no mechanism that will actually, selectively, filter "inappropriate" content, especially when no two people (or politicians) can agree on where to draw the line between "appropriate" and "inappropriate".

When you said "drugs" and the link said "Jet", I thought it was going to be about Fallout.

I don't think that chem would be that difficult to synthesize. All we need are some double headed cows to produce waste...
The references to drugs also extend to projects on how to "make a bong from *insert object here*".

Schools usually don't allow sites that show people how to make pipes from sharpie highlighters.
Regarding that site,I don't favor guns, but think should have a "zero tolerance law" against human stupidity.

But that would be the end of humanity, we would all go to jail ...
iceng4 years ago
Do you think a clap-off bra scares education types ?
That's a health and safety issue. In the wrong hands they could knock your eyes out.....
caitlinsdad4 years ago
frenzy4 years ago
For every school we are blocked at, a script kiddie gets his wings...
maybe they found the Ibles on byassing school security.