I hate April Fool .......

I just wanted to say it : I hate April Fool ...............

I'm perfectly aware that when it's about humour and jokes, I can be a real retarded kid or a real little rascal (sometimes both at the same time)...

For instance, just to give you a sample, when I wrote "I hate April Fool", the "funny hemisphere" of my brain immediately computed a risky (and probably stupid and immature) pun :

"I hate April Fool ........ 'cause this girl is a real pain !"

Well ...... and paradoxically, despite I find many April Fool jokes funny, I hate this day.
Why ?
Because :
1) every little "unexpected" (and plausible) information seems suspicious.
2) some extremely serious persons (teammates or superior) tries to be cool only this day, and become ridiculously serious again the day after ......... and paradoxically, their April Fool sense of humour is as low as their seriousness is high the rest of the year (this is a great source of disappointment to see how stupid can be someone you respected for his/her intelligence).
3) I don't remember #3 .... who really care about it anyway ???

Voila ...

That was my April Fool rant.

Wow ! I feel better know !


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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Its too forced, so its usually not funny
the local radio station where I am is called AM 800. almost everyone in essex county listens to it in the am at least for a few mins because its the most legit news program in the am for weather traffic and other relevant headlines..... there FM sister station is 89X for alternative rock..... yesterday morning they said they were changing to 800X and would be incorporating some alternative rock in there programming. they made me look like a dumbass cause I only listened for a few mins for weather and traffic and I heard that little piece of info...well I told someone about it forgetting it was April 1st and turns out it was an april fools joke.