I hate apple.

So i heard of a few apps from some friends I try them out and I like them. So when I go to the app store to get the apps, they tell me that I have to accept their new terms. Since the wifi at my house is knocked out, I had to wait a very long time for it to load. When it finally loads and I hit that one button, it tells me to try again. That means I have to reload the app store, find that app, and download it again. This is a literal equivalant of an eternity. I wouldn't be whining so much if Apple was nice enough to resume the download when I accepted their licence.

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KnexFreek7 years ago
 poor people....
all computer companies suck, its a fact, get over it, end of story.
so do Car companies.
Especially toyota.
yourcat chopstx8 years ago
Not quite. New Toyotas suck. Old Toyotas can be great. My parents have a '93 Toyota pickup, ~50,000 miles, only been in the shop twice. Once for a new fuel pump and once for some leaky gasket that meant it kept overheating.
chopstx yourcat8 years ago
Not the cars, the company.
yourcat chopstx8 years ago
That too.
chopstx yourcat8 years ago
lies! i love bmw
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