5HP motor, what to do with it?

I got a 5HP motor from a shop vac and don't know what to do with it. I wanted to make a go kart, but it was too inefficient and would take too much power. It still is connected to the switch and the outlet cord. I want to make something cool out of it.

dudes3 years ago

Make a blender with it! Then use it to make steel slushies!

iceng3 years ago

That was a huge shop vac, try use it to suck message balls through tubes.

phidgetsinc3 years ago

You'd probably be able to get a hovercraft out of it. It wouldn't support people, but you could have some fun with it. Also, if you put some blades on it and put it in a casing, you can make a fan (although that doesn't sound quite as fun as the other options).

Ryan Hebron3 years ago

make a blower those are fun look around on youtube theres lots of things to do with them i think it would be cool to see it attached to a Tesla turbine