I have a Joke

Ok this is the Joke A Catholic engaged couple are in the car and the die just before the wedding and the go to heaven and they are at the pearly gates and see a pastor. they ask him if the can get married in heaven and he says "I'll go check". Four days later he comes back to the couple and hes says yes you can. Then the married couple says "Well 50% of marriages end in devorice. Can we get devoriced in heaven? and then the pastor says. For the love of Pete women it took me for days to find a Preist dfo you know how long It'll take me to find a lawyer!

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KentsOkay9 years ago
Two parrots were siting on perch. One said to the other "Do you smell fish?"
> Groans whislt wearing a big eejit grin <
Got it?
Oh, I got it all right. It's just a really bad pun (hence the groan), whilst also being very funny (hence the grin).

I won't mention that most of these jokes are significantly older than those posting them
LOL, I was told it by a NPC (Non-Player Character) in a British-made game (RuneScape), I'm not surprised you've heard it before. You can say the answer in 24 hours LOL.
its american, runescape
no, it's not, jagex is based in britain, cambridge england to be exact
Two snowman in a field. One says "Do you smell carrots?"


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