I have a complete windshield (2006) with a tiny gouge/crack in it - what can I make with it ?

My windshield had a tiny crack in it and I had it replaced a year back. Assuming the car's age , the windshield was made in 2006 and is really good except for that tiny gouge mark.

Can anyone suggest any ideas? I couldn't find anything on instructables as well as in any of the other diy sites and google didn't turn up anything.

Can any creative gurus help me out?

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Lay it flat, so that the edges are curved up, glue a small rim round the outside, and fill with water.  Now place it as the centre piece of your living room. Clear out all other furniture and behold your new designer seeing pool. Make a living making prophesies and telling people’s fortunes.   

Arano7 years ago
you could make a big curved mirror... well a mirror with a crack... but you made it yourself..  adding a layer of silver isnt that hard it just involves 2 or 3 chemicals and an easy reaction...
Make a stand for it, put it somewhere with space either side and use it as a see through whiteboard, write using drymarkers, either white or opaque blue ones...

Alternatively mount it to a wall at a right angle, making a big curved shelf thing...
jrh0657 years ago
 I suggest building a car around it. 2006 model something or other should work nicely :) Actually I think it could be worked into a water feature for the backyard if you could find a way to nicely mount it so that the water flows around on top then off one of the edges.
If you have access to a kiln, you might be able to slump the glass into something interesting. Or you could build a treehouse with a picture window.
If it's laminated, slumping it could be "nasty".

Very true, or it could be very interesting. I've never slumped a windshield, but I think it would be worth a try.
You ain't got a kiln big enough (I guess) - state me wrong?

Not big enough for a whole windshield, but I could probably fit a third of an average-sized one without much trouble. Darn it, now I have to go to the junkyard and find one....
Well you could "fold" it...

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