I have a laptop, I have to destroy.. :(

In my computers class, I need to make a movie, in hopes of getting a grant for the school. The theme is school laptop use, and my teacher got my a working iBook, that I have to destroy to simulate the use.. The thing is, it works just fine! I hard to just destroy a fine working piece of art... :-/ I think I'll try to get two, so I can destroy one, and keep the other one.. (If anyone wants/needs any parts from it, besides the keyboard and outside shell, please PM me)

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tech-king8 years ago
WHAT KIND OF SICK TEACHER AND SCHOOL DO YOU HAVE? i personally dont think id want a school that asked me to reck a good computer.
well, an iBook isnt' necessary a GOOD computer, lol
the computer is good the problem that its running mac os can be fixed
still.. im looking for a laptop cuz i do html editing for small companies and i need a laptop and they are expensive... like 600$ new and 350$ used.
you can sure find pentium 3 for much less and you dont need more than that my other desktop computer is pentium 3 and its fast without any of the above destructing anything is just bad. and even worse when done by a place thats supposed to give education. i for example cant pass by a trash if i see certain stuff in there - like computers. as a rule i take it home and mess up with it untill it works
i will pass on old old desktops but laptops i will take out of a trash can. and last i looked, p3 laptops with good batteries are 200-250 $. ill be going to the store tomorrow. ill post an update
the only laptop i ever found in trash was pentium mmx with dead cdrom and hard drive i picked some P1s and a 486 - they are great servers that take very little electricity today there are p3 and p4s which i find. perfectly working and fast computers if you use the right software
okay, update: total waste of time. i found no one with what i wanted. im gonna keep looking for the add where i saw a good cheap one. in the meant time, what do you think of dell inspiron mini with winxp and added blutooth with an 8 gig ssd?
good one ! i'd like to have one with linux (but not ubuntu)
change of plans; i found a used dell 610 for 180$ with wifi, decent cpu, 512mb ram and 40gig hdd. it runs win xp though probably sp1 or 2. im going over there today to see if its in good shape and the battery isnt dead etc etc.
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