I have a question about My ROV control system.

I am building an ROV and I need to know whether this control board will work. I planed on Running 1 Cat5 and 1 set of speaker wires to control and run systems on-board. When I flip a switch on the control panel, a 3v signal is sent down the Cat5 wire to the base of a transistor, which opens the flow of power between the Emitter and collector. My main question is, does a transistor work as a switch? Example. A signal enters the Base and opens the other two connections. Is this right? Oh, and the other two pictures are what i plan for it to look like. I am building it using the motors from one project (posted recently) , the frame another, and my own control. I will post an instructable as soon as it is done.

Picture of I have a question about My ROV control system.
Moter control sch.bmp
Motor control brd.bmp
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nukte5 years ago
And yes, a transistor is a switch of sorts. They can be full on, full off, or something in between. The Base of the transistor is the control element. If you will remotely control relays for your thrusters then either device transistor or mosfet will do, but if you want something in the middle, IMHO transistors, especially modern high power devices. WARNING, before you just go slapping parts together, you must do some homework regarding transistor theory especially if the transistors will be connected to relays (inductive devices).
Please help with the thruster design - thanks again
nukte5 years ago
Do you have any drawings, diagrams, etc.for your thrusters. Thank you very much
You should look into MOSFETs. Theyre sort of like transistors but from what I can tell they handle higher amperage/voltage. So, if youre controlling 5 amp motors youre going to need big transistors, whereas with mosfets theyre pretty small. I'm planning on building an h-bridge circuit with mosfets and controlling them with arduino. Good luck
mrbones1217 years ago
those are really nice motors, are they water proof, if so how did you do it, or hwere did you buy them
ry25920 (author)  mrbones1217 years ago
This is not my actual design, but my current one uses bilge pumps as it's power source.
Nyanman8 years ago
power must enter middle pin. sounds like this might work, make sure you have enough power to trigger the transistor. also, bilge pumps and hose is easier than trying to waterproof motor housings and prop bearings.