I have an animal Problem

So i was exploring my backyard woods, when i came across an animal burrow. This worries me because it's roughly a foot in diameter and located near our chicken coop. so i need ideas to drive this animal away. I have a bb gun and no trapping license or real gun.

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Rishnai9 years ago
Fill in the hole, and cover it with plywood that you've weighted down. Personally, I'd pour mothballs down the hole first. Pepper is a possibility, and supposedly an ammonia-soaked rag works well. I tried both to get rid of a fox that moved in under my shed; he didn't mind. The only thing that worked was filling it in and boarding it up. Don't have moths in my shed anymore! ;) Then he dug a burrow into a dirt pile I have on my property. Poured mothballs into that, shoveled it in, and boarded it up. Once a predatory critter, especially one that has found a spot where it's not in danger (I'm the only one around here without a big dog), or it has food (your chickens) it will want to hang around the area. In my experience, the only way to really chase it off short of trapping or killing it is going to be to make it inhospitable to sleep in your yard, then make it annoying to even BE in your yard. So look for and fill in holes, then board them up or it'll dig it again. It'll hopefully get the hint and go find someplace else to be. In my case, the fox still loved to go get something, eat it in my ayrd (leaving telltale scraps), then go someplace else to sleep. Solution: I sat really still with my pellet gun facing the spot that I knew the fox liked to stop and snack in. When he showed up, I aimed and shot him in about center mass. I know the pellet wouldn't kill him, and he jumped my fence well before I could reload, but I haven't seen nearly as much evidence of the sumnabitch. You'll probably need to inflict pain, trap, or kill it. If your critter has killed your livestock, you're defensibly within your rights to use deadly force. Just make sure that it's targeted at the predator itself. For example, some poison left near the burrow might kill the wrong thing. Poison IN the burrow should only get its resident. Be careful of young critters, and if I were you, I'd carry a shotgun or a shovel when I went to mess with the burrow. Getting bit by something that may be rabid is not fun.
Well at least you were able to make its life more hell to be there than your own, a badger made itself welcome at the bottom of the garden...

One day it had a go at me and I hit it with a stick and removed myself very quickly, mainly because they're vicious buggers but if you back off they'll go back in their den...

After a few more attacks from the happy litle beast I got pissed off when I was cutting wood and I heard the usual rustling and growling noises, well not growling so much as (insert adjective) and it caught my leg, I hit it a good smack with the blunt side of the axe (the big eff off axe that is)

The wee bugger was barely stunned, however it ran like hell and I simply took a leak in its burrow, didn't bother us again...
Ha, it probably thought you were stark raving mad after all of that, decided it'd just leave that insane, murderous jackalope alone. The fox that moved in here keeps coming back, no matter how many times I pee in its burrow or board it up (I even convinced a coyte to pee in its burrow, once, too), but it kept coming back. Last I saw of him was a few days ago when he dug in under the concrete slab that is my front porch. I walked out the front door and something was rustling and growling, then lunged at my leg. I must have punted him a good 30 feet! Hasn't been back since...
Well the badger and I were on no uncertain terms, I was bricking it about killing the wee bugger since they're endangered but how I don't know, I hit it hard enough to knock sideways and a few inches in to the ground, wee wretch scarpered though...

I think the reason my pee method worked well was that I had been drinking a lot the day before, probably part of the reason I didn't walk away like usual...

If little foxy woxy comes back again I'd suggest catching it and taking it for a drive, they're not the nicest animal to attempt handling but they're easy to snare or simply trick, a travel box and a few sausages will do the trick, then drive out somewhere far away and deposit fox...

Other places to deposit foxes:
  • Wildlife sanctuaries
  • Behind a butchers
  • In the butchers
  • The vet
  • Mailboxes
  • Your neighbours catflap
  • Trees
  • Crackhouses
  • Hobo dumpsters
  • The bottom of a quarry
Used to have a fox in the yard, but it got hit by a car (not mine, despite my best efforts, I mean, um, nevermind). Then fox 2.0 moved in. I think they'll keep showing up until I get a big dog like everyone else on the block. Although I did bark at it once and it jumped a six foot fence in a single bound just to get away.
"Places to deposit foxes...In the butchers... mailboxes... crackhouses..."

LMAO! Although if I deposited it at a crackhouse, a very high fox might find its way back to my house. Or maybe the crackheads would take it in as a pet and give it all the crack it wants. You never know.
Big Bwana9 years ago
Fill in the hole in with Rocks, and make sure the top is big rocks the bottom can be road crush or some thing like that, any thing that sucks to dig if you don't have a shovel, foxes, raccoons, etc don't dig in rocks, they will find some where else to call home, and around your chicken coop put up a four or five wire electric fence, i use Dare posts, the cheap black ones but you could use the expensive yellow ones if you like and that fiberglass/ aluminum wire to keep cats and cow's out of the garden, but electric fences work on every thing even on the annoying neighbors kids.... A fox will only try once maybe twice and then leave it alone (( and the neighbors kids um ya they aren't as smart as the cats or cows ))
I know you're joking about the neighbors' kids, but it's true... Kept my criminal neigbors' kids out-- ran an electric wire along the top rail of the fence, then encouraged a hell of a lot of thistle to live right along the fence. They never hopped the fence and used, stole, or vandalized my stuff again!
You said you ran an electric wire ?? your not just attaching it 120 / 240 Volt AC are you ?? That would be ILLEGAL and can kill some one... I'm using an electric fencer to supply my fence, it runs at about 20 joules and I think it's 10,000 volts but it's pulsed and it will not Kill someone, it just hurts like hell and it is made to control cows in a pasture...... (( And I like the thistle idea, nettles are nice as well and so it carragana and you can shape it like monsters when it's big ))
Well, elecrtic fence wire. A friend of mine who owns a small ranch got a new fence and gave me his old system, so it was nice and cheap and easy.
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