I have an interesting, but simple task at hand here!

I have just been given an old laptop to checkout, a Toshiba Tecra 8000 at that. It's a fairly old laptop and needless to say, I don't have a pcmcia ethernet cards, or any at all! I should try and aquire a crapload of them, wifi would be nice. Anywho, I'm stuck with a built in modem here, a 56k modem. I know, and have seen it done, that you can connect two computers that have dialup modems, together, and transfer data between them, and possibly share an internet connection?? I've done a bit of googling but so far all I found was about connecting two windows 98 computers together. I'm currently installing a slipstreamed version of xp onto this laptop and I have xp on here, where should I try starting with this?? I need to get an internet connection on here somehow.

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Punkguyta (author) 8 years ago
For anyone that wants to be able to do this sometime in the future, this is actually possible for sending files to and from both computers with NOTHING but a telephone cord between the two modems. To do this, all you do is: Step 1: Connect telephone wire between the two computers you wish to transfer files between, via their dialup modems. Step 2: Run hyperterminal on both machines (presumably running windows, I have both here running xp pro and this worked fine) Step 3: To make this a bit easier, go into the file---> properties or some kind of options window I can't remember, and there will be a tab in there with a button for ASCII options, in there there is a checkbox for playing back locally typed letters, I reccommend doing this on both computers because then you can actually see the commands you type, and for me my laptop has something messed up going on with the keyboard so I need to make sure I don't issue some kind of nazi command on my windows filesystem..lol Step 4: Type ATA or ata, but not aTa or any other combination of under and uppercase letters, into the command line, just click anywhere in the hyperterminal screen to get a scroll cursor thigny. Step 5: Go to the other computer quick, you will hear the modem on the first computer starting up with a training tone, before it stops/gives up, get to the other computer and type ATD or atd, but again, not a combination, into this computer's hyperterminal screen, and you'll hear it's modem click on and start connecting with the other computer. I find this rather fascinating that this works especially for just using a telephone wire, and you could go long distances with this if you had to, I have 100 feet of it between the two computers and it worked fine. Once it says connected in the hyperterminal, it will say Connected 36000 baud or something like that if you have a 56K modem on both machines, I would have thought that 115k baud was achievable as it says in the settings for the modem if you look in your control panel, you can set that as the maximum speed, but the modem ultimately decides what's the best speed and apparently you won't get higher than 36000. You can now type commands on one computer and the letters will show up on the other computer's screen. In windows hyperterminal, theres two buttons on the top of the window that allows for you to send files using a plethora of protocols (why? I don't know) I just chose the one that had "crash recovery" which I assume means resumability. On the receiving computer you want to choose the "receive file" button, and it will start waiting for a file. Then on the sending computer you hit send file, it will ask you to browse for the file (or files if you select more than one), and the protocol to use. After this, it's all waiting from there, it will slowly start sending the file in the dialog windows on both machines. Don't expect this to do much, it took me just under what? Like 2 days almost to transfer a 400mb zip of snes roms, just to see how long it would take. And it worked out about the same as using dialup internet. So really, as opoosed to just buying a network card for the laptop and transferring the same amount in matters of seconds, it would be so much easier, but I'm interested in the controlling aspects of this, what can you do with hyperterminal??? Could I put a modem in my server and put it somewhere in my basement or something, and have it wired up with Ethernet, BUT, use the modem to control it so as to not disturb the network traffic on the Ethernet side of the machine. Good idea no?
I'd try this if I had two machines... thanks L
Punkguyta (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I was surprised, it made sense that it would require the line voltage (90v around there) to make it operate, but apparent that's not needed. I wish there was a way to use this as an internet connection, ad the machine that I'm connected to with the laptop has internet connection, but the laptop goes to a 404 page when I try to surf a page while it's connected via the hyperterminal, I know it's possible somehow to route the internet over it, after all, I transfered a file over the bloody thing, but it's a matter implementing it right.
lemonie8 years ago
It doesn't have a CD drive that works? L
Punkguyta (author)  lemonie8 years ago
It does have a cd drive that works, but I just burned my last cd last night, I did FINALLY get all the drivers working in XP, however I have a new problem now, last night when I was sitting in bed with it playing NES games on it, I noticed that it wouldn't detect the battery. I also noticed when I went to power it off the battery that it wouldn't start unless I jiggled the battery around, so I either don't have the batt in there right or theres something messed with the pins.
Oh nuts, it is an old machine though, Win 95 originally? (guess)