I have finally watched a full game of Rugby and I have to admit.....

even though I don't normally sit down and watch "sports" of any kind (unless I am trying to pick up some pointers, like watching  snooker, chess, or other tournaments), that compared to football in the USA, or baseball,  the action was definitely more engaging.

I mean, they actually moved around on the field, and for longer periods of time then 2-3 seconds.  Our football is comprised of 1-3 seconds of movement followed by nearly 30 seconds or more of wondering about until the next play.  

Rugby to American football is like a cheetah is to a snail.   If I am going to watch one of them, I will watch the cheetah :-)

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craftyv6 years ago
There used to be two types of rugby.
1. Rugby League. Played in the north of England with "Working Class" men. (blue collar)
2. Rugby Union: Played by University students/staff as amatuers. (no fee)
Similar but slightly different rules. This is, I agree a simplistic view but I'm not sure about it now. Once youve seen Rugby though American Football with all it's "armour" is tame.
Goodhart (author)  craftyv6 years ago
Not only do I think American football is tame, with all that armor that doesn't seem to do much to cut down injury anyways, but it is a bit lame in the action dept. If I want to see some guys lounging around all the time, I WILL watch pool or chess games rather then the "football", At least I can learn something from them. (In case someone is wondering, yes, pool offers a course in mathematics/angles if one cares to look at it that way and can be very geeky too ;-)
I have to agree with the lack of action. I went to a game over here about 10 years ago as a fan of the game (memory not so good, I think it was a rematch of the superbowl competitors of that year, Vikings and someone else). Watching American football on TV in Australia usually consists of highlights. I knew it was a little stop/start/stop, as we also get the whole superbowl game over here every year, but I could not believe that the players in a live game stopped while the advertisements played on the big screens! I'm still a fan, but highlights only please. Just the facts ma'am.
Goodhart (author)  caarntedd6 years ago
And if you REALLY want bordom....try baseball LOL I'd rather watch a POOL game (9 ball or snooker) >:-)
If you want action try full contact chess or wizard chess...
Goodhart (author)  ElvenChild6 years ago
When I am in the mood to learn something, I can watch a regular game of chess :-)
There's evidence that it doesn't cut down injuries, because when you are protected like that, you can push back harder !

Rugby injuries are the loss of front teeth, the alignment of your nose and the shape of your ears.

Sadly, broken necks, though now very very rare, still happen.

Goodhart (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
There is still a heck of a lot more "movement" in rugby though then in "USA football" .
mchase-16 years ago
I've never watched a game of rugby. In fact I'm not sure if I've ever even seen one listed on TV
Goodhart (author)  mchase-16 years ago
some cable channels carry them in season
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