I have fungus in my bathroom people

Well it appears that there is FUNGUS?!?! in my bathroom. Because our bathroom was never finished off properly, the shower leaks down the side and seeps into the wood trimming around the door on the right side. Well all it had done till now as get black with mold, but there is F****** fungus growing out (key word is OUT of the wood) of the trimming. Anyone got any ideas what I can do? Bomb it with some bleach? Anyone want a picture? It freaked me out when I saw it :P


Pictures, I had to take my laptop and webcam into my bathroom :-/

Picture of I have fungus in my bathroom people
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mbc210 years ago
Stop/fix the shower leak or you will be fighting an ongoing battle. It's what's behind the wood trim that concerns me.
Punkguyta (author)  mbc210 years ago
Yea, I'm allowed to pull the trim off, but I'm a little afraid of what could be behind it. We just had the house rennovated and obviously should have gotten a different tub, but it's too late. If we end up pulling the drywall apart, I'm gonna tell my father I told you so.
canida10 years ago
Oh yeah, please put up a picture!
Punkguyta (author)  canida10 years ago
Updated, take a look
canida canida10 years ago
And here's a better stacnybotrys link.
Punkguyta (author)  canida10 years ago
Intresting..and my mother's been coughing like crazy the last while.. And I'll put a picture up soon
dchall810 years ago
Baking soda is a universal fungus killer. You can dust it on or mix it in water and pour/spray it on. It will not take out the color like bleach will, though. Something else you could try would be Oxyclean (as seen on TV). Wal-Mart has their brand called Sun for a lot less than Oxyclean. If you have that problem and your parents are ignoring it, you probably have problems that nobody knows about. This problem indicates a general lack of maintenance.
Punkguyta (author)  dchall810 years ago
That's a good idea. They finally bought some bleach (we ran out) and I sprayed it down a couple times with bleach water and it's starting to shrink. I'll try the baking soda though. Thanks for the idea. And yea, pretty sad when your 17 year old sun is fixing your house up for you.
canida10 years ago
Dilute (~1:10) bleach will kill the surface stuff, but jtobako is right- you'll have to rip off the wood trim, kill/clean and dry the interior disaster, and refinish the area, hopefully fixing any shower leaks in the process.
Punkguyta (author)  canida10 years ago
Ya, my parents are kinda dickheads, I know or find out how to fix/do things around the house, and they won't let me do it. So things don't usually get done around here. I did a little research this morning and came up with the bleach solution, told my father and he was like No you can't use bleach on it. Procastination is apparently fairly popular in my family.
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