I have t-shirts older than you...

It's the weekend.

I can wear t-shirts instead of the suit.

So, I was browsing my pile wardrobe, when my eye fell upon my tee from the first Discworld Convention. 1996, a few weeks before #1 son was born.

I dug deeper.

One I bought at the first gig I went to with Kitewife, which makes it 22 years old.

One I bought in Kenya, which makes it 24 years old.

Good grief, I really do have clothes older than the vast majority of members here.

They're all landmarks, though. Times and places that are important.

It's weird - my t-shirts seem to be the only things I own that date me, that mark the passing of the years.

I have books, lots of books, but most of them are still in print, in one form or another.

I hunted around, and the only other things that I own which specifically pin down dates, anchor me in time, are my engagement ring (April 23rd, 1988) and my wedding ring (May 24th, 1990).

What anchors you to certain dates? What anniversaries do you celebrate?

What about your friends and families? What do they commemorate?

What about the site? What anniversaries should we celebrate here? What is the exact start-date of the site? Are any of the Team approaching significant dates? I mean, look at them - there's not one of them over 21, surely?

>Cue general philosophising on the nature of time and commemoration of its transit<

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PKM9 years ago
I think about it in terms of "Person X has never known a world without Y". This continually freaks me out- the kids now coming into secondary school have never known a pre-Dubya and pre-9/11 world (well, I say "never known"- I don't remember the political climate from when I was two) so will have grown up in the current climate of Islamophobia. There are teenagers who have never known a world without Google (as I believe you've commented on before). In a few years there will be kids who have never known a world without YouTube, and frankly that scares me more than the idea of nuclear war. Anyone got any other choice ones?
Kiteman (author)  PKM9 years ago
Sometimes my students simply refuse to believe me when I tell them what my life was like at their age - one TV (B&W), most families without cars, most families without phones, no mobiles, only three TV channels, and they weren't on all day, never mind all night. No mp3, no CD, no digital flat-screen, no computers, no game consoles, no Gameboys, not even calculators, and digital watches were an expensive luxury. Fruit and veg were seasonal, shops didn't start selling Christmas stuff until December, we didn't "do" Hallowe'en, nobody had asthma and you could play outside in the mud until it went dark and not be kidnapped by paedophile terrorists.
PKM Kiteman9 years ago
Don't remind me... I saw my first Christmas cake of the year when I went shopping yesterday. Although much of that is before my time I do remember an age of four TV channels and renting VHS tapes, no MP3s, personal CD players being expensive, the internet being for "techies", regarding peanut allergy and asthma as unusual and playing outside in the mud. I even (just about) remember sideways baseball caps being cool thanks to E17... I'm going to start Instructables Old Gits Anonymous where we can reminisce about life before the internet, on the internet. It's going to be an ironic sort of society.
Goodhart PKM9 years ago
b4 the internet ? How about before the desktop computer? Or better yet, before the Digital computers became popular? I wear a watch that has more computing power then some of the first. I remember having to do some "analog" programming of a computer (you didn't type anything into a console, you unplugged wires and plugged them in elsewhere to program them). Can anyone say: Assembly language, or machine language? The breed is dying off.....not to mention COBOL programmers....anyone remember SNOBAL? LOL
Phooey, real programmers use punch cards and pure binary. ;)
Hmm, have you ever programmed an ANALOG computer? hmmm? LOL Jumper wires were used.....that's programming *snicker*
Yeah, well, well, REAL programmers don't use these sissy wires and electricity, they use kernels of corn! That's REAL programming!
No, no, no! The kernels are what you do the programming in order to construct. You know those weird popping noises you hear inside your Linux machine? That's the kernel(s) running all your processes.
Hmm, so if the machine overheats do you get popped kernels?
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