I have to leave the community. It's been fun and interesting. Nice hanging out with you all!Bye.

To be plain, I just can't be a part of a site that promotes pornography, being defined "Pornography is any material depicting or describing the human body or sexual conduct in a way that arouses sexual feelings. It is distributed through many media, including magazines, books, television, movies, music, and the Internet." Many of you probably won't understand my reasoning, few understand that aren't Mormon (and even a few that are Mormon don't understand). But I have to. I can't express how crushing this is to me. I really love this site. It's been just great learning and chatting here. It's been fun sharing my little projects, too. Bye.

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bylerfamily8 years ago
We are going to miss you!Bye.
Erm, seriously, check the date...
Still, it's nice to know royalestel lived up to their belief and haven't been back since, at least not in this guise.
royalestel (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
You know, I came to terms to the use of it. I mean, I listen to the radio and read the newspaper, heck I use the internet and they all publish things that I find personally offensive. So what happened is I was blindsided by the offensive things on instructables because I really hadn't come across anything until then. I had it in my mind that it was a "safe" site and I didn't need to worry about what I clicked on. I just figured out that I need to be careful on here just like any other site, and I'll be Okizzay.
Good to have you back. I understand your feelings. If I see anything genuinely pornographic on Instructables, I report it. If it's "borderline" I just ignore it, and steer clear of that area in the future. Sometime's it's a fine line to be "in the world, but not OF the world".
Agreed. Anything that detracts or distracts from the goals of this site are definitely not what the originators intended. I, too, make certain to report offensive content if and when I encounter it here. Incidentally, I think that it's been slowly decreasing, a trend refreshingly opposed to the rest of the 'net. I believe the admins on this site really do strive to make it family-safe.

Conference rocked!
Hey ! Welcome Back !
Yeah,I know the date.However,he might be reading these in his email alerts.
DJ Radio8 years ago
I thought the site was against porn.
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