I keep having to reset my password just to log in

Every 5 minutes, I get kicked off instructables and have to log in, only my password doesn't get accepted, so I have to reset it. The robot has sent me a reset code three times already-in the last ten minutes. I wonder how many times he'll keep sending it to me before he stops... I thought it might be a problem with my cookies, but I cleared the cache, and set it to accept ALL cookies unconditionally-no joy. Before you ask, yes, I'm using chrome, but the problem is also in IE and FF, so it's not that.

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paco7588 years ago
I sent a request for a reset code twice but did not receive them either time. Then I was able to login with the password which I must have mistyped before. Is there any reason, though, that I wouldn't have been able be sent a reset code?
Lithium Rain (author)  paco7588 years ago
Hmmm. I'm not sure - it's possible they got filtered as spam, so check your junk or spam mail folder. But I do know there have been some issues with email lately. The staff is looking into it, I think. :-)
. It appears that there have been at least two site updates/resets recently. See rachel's Sep 12, 2008. 3:19 PM post. . Fumble fingers may not have been the problem. You have have been trying to login as the site was coming back up and not yet fully functional. Just a guess.
rachel9 years ago
Hrm, has this persisted? We had some servers reset yesterday and that could have caused behavior like you describe...
Lithium Rain (author)  rachel9 years ago
Happily, it seems to be fixed now! I had to reset it again today, but I may have just changed the password last time to something I forgot-it's kept me logged in for at least an hour now.