I knew it!!

I knew it! A Robot contest!!! The Picture was about making robots!!!

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One day away from the judging! Very exciting.
Huh. Just noticed that they bumped the "judging ends" date back to the 29th. There seems to have been a string of date revisions.
Keith-Kid (author)  ftking_837029 years ago
Whoa! I still haven't voted!!!
damasta9 years ago
when I found out there was a robot contest I knew there would be atleast one knex robot. There are so many knex artists here it's impossible to have weapon-like contest without one
Doveman9 years ago
I thought the picture ment like a "control humans contest" or something like that. lol
I would have been good at that...
So would I have been.. hehehe
indubitably my good friend muahaha haha ha ha... ha damn I'm going to go practice evil laughing...
Keith-Kid (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
psychology ?
That and a bit of engineering of the social and circumstancial varieties...
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