I learned a new skill, but... (PDF)

Thanks to a small nag from gmjhowe, I now know how to create a pdf file of documents I create in CorelDraw. Dead easy, publish to pdf.

But, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent function in Word.

Have I just missed something stupidly obvious, or do I need to acquire some software to do it?

My first PDFed 'ible.

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Natively in Word, I have no idea. Download and install cutepdf, then select print document in word and select cutepdf writer as your printer.

Kiteman (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
PDF Test.pdf(595x842) 5 KB
LOL! you're welcome
Kiteman (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
I had no idea it would be so easy!
gmjhowe Kiteman9 years ago
well looks like i got here too late, on a side note, if you install adobe acrobat it should allow you to chose 'adobe pdf' as a printer, and then you print the pdf.

on mac os x, there is a print to pdf feature built into the OS, mwhahahaha!
gmoon gmjhowe9 years ago
Linux, too. ahahahahwm!
gmjhowe gmoon9 years ago
sudo - dont mwahahaha me.
gmoon gmjhowe9 years ago
Sir, I've unslipped no mwahahahas upon you.
gmjhowe gmoon9 years ago
well, there was your crazy ahahahawm like a mwhahahaha from a backwards world.
gmoon gmjhowe9 years ago
...apluc aem
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