I like to knit

I like to knit.  Here is a picture of me knitting.Perhaps I will post a slideshow of my project when it is finished.  Would you like to see it?

Picture of I like to knit
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munchman9 years ago
I would love to see your project 
KentsOkay9 years ago
Man knitting is hard... I'm impressed that you can do it, kudos to your programmer!
Man knitting is very hard...

That's why most people use wool...

Runs for nearest exit
Damn, forget a "," after the man, don't worry Kiteman, you aren't in eminent threat of being weaved on two sticks LOL
It's hard enough to knit a sweater, much less the whole man LOL
I hope you've knitted yourself a hat with little cat ears on top. CUTENESS OVERLOAD
Doctor What9 years ago
Yes. Yes I would.
randofo9 years ago
loop; repeat; loop; repeat; loop; repeat; loop; repeat;...
brunoxyz9 years ago
versatile robots...
zachninme9 years ago
I would love to see what you're knitting! Is it for me? Why thank you, you are so nice!
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