I miss the thumbnail step-by-steps

I just want to grip how I miss the pop out thumbnails that used to be at the top of the page. I really don't like clicking over and over with next or view all just to see the video or finished "toy" on the last step.

robbtoberfest (author) 4 years ago
"gripe", sorry
Sounds like you need to get a grip (ba da bing!) :-)

Oh, yeah, and I agree with you. I liked having the row of steps with thumbnails, and it also helped to see quickly when an author had lazied out and skipped pictures or used clipart.
caitlinsdad4 years ago
If you click on the button "jump to" to bring up the menu with buttons for numbered steps, as you mouse over them, the preview appears. Hidden feature, long way to go about it.
robbtoberfest (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Thank you!