I need a 7v 1.2A DC power source

I have a Brother label maker that i requires 6 1.5v AAA batteries. I don't want to fill it full of batteries but instead use a DC power supply. It requires 7V 1.2A DC, and I'm not sure how to get this. I have a variable power DC supply and some wallwarts but none of them fit the specs. I tried hooking up 7V from my power supply but no dice. How do i make sure it gets 1.2A? Anyone have some knowledge they'd like to pass on? Thanks

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ry259209 years ago
wall mart bricks? transformers?
7 volts is a wierd voltage for walwarts.
Korey (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
It also has a plug for a walwasrt, but I can't see from the datasheet what voltage the walwart has to be

wait... 6 x 1.5 = 9 volts not 7 volts, where did you get 7 volts from?

the walwart is probably a 9 volt.
Korey (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
It says 7v right on the spec sheet..That is weird, must be a typo!
trialex Korey9 years ago
Nup - 7V is probably exactly what it needs. It needs 6 x AA batteries because AA batteries will sag in voltage over time - so if you only used 5, it would be OK when they were fresh, but if they drop to 1.25V, the gadget would stop working. Look around for a "multi" voltage power pack - they ofen have a 7.5V option. This would propbably be fine for your application - the gadget probably has a small regulator in it.You will need to find the right size plug of course, and make sure you get the polarity right - most balled plugs are tip positive, but check to make sure.
Go buy one of these
Go to Dollar store, Dollarama, Buck or two........ And buy a thirty pack of of AAA's ....Buy two..... Or you could phone wherever you got it from they might have adapters there. Or look it up on the internet......Build an adjustable power supply..... And someone said something about 6x1.5 not adding up two 9 volts.. I am not totally sure about it but I would guess that some of the components would reduce the voltage and give some more amps. I have seen this in many devices. (someone correct me if I am wrong)
guyfrom7up9 years ago
make one from a radioshack transformer and a regulator.
maybe this:
and hook up a lm317 regulator? It can handle up to 1.5 amps, but you may have to heat sink it.
Agreed the LM317 is what to use, but power it with a 12V DC wallwart that can handle 1.5A or more. The basic LM317 circuit has a pot that adjusts the voltage. If you don't have a heat sink then the regulator automatically lowers it's voltage to protect itself if it gets hot.
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