I need a cheap, realistic, non firing gun prop for a movie...

   Me and my friends are making a movie. I want to make or buy a pistol which looks a lot like a beretta M9 for very cheap. I'd rather not make it out of cardboard, those guns take a lot of skill to make it look remotely realistic. And I don't have access to wood.
   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Buy an airsoft pistol.
The Jamalam (author)  shadowninja317 years ago
Good Idea. I'll have a look around.
 This is probably the best option.  They're super cheap.  I've seen them at mini marts (the super cheapo ones), for like 5 bucks.
I don't know about where you live but here there are cheap fake guns that click when you pull the trigger, a couple of modifications and a new coat of paint and you have your M9.