I need a fairly easy 500 Mhz to 3 Ghz signal generator schematic

It needs to be fairly simple to make, my resources are a bit low again, and it doesn't have to generator a lot of different frequencies, just one or so within the range of 500 mhz - 3 ghz.

Everything I found on line was either more complex then building a 40 meter transceiver, or was ready built and only cost $200 +

Even if there was a source I could purchase, for under say $30, I would take that too. I need it to test my newest rig.

I don't want to have to resort to something like this project here...

Picture of I need a fairly easy 500 Mhz to 3 Ghz signal generator schematic
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GEEZ,the reason I am here on this site is to try to find out how to build my own variable freq generator from you young brainy's out there, " want to play with one and drive my nieghbors into moving out " I have no idea how too and was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to e-bay. Have a bunch of dis-assembled TV parts just waiting to be put back to work. You guys are so smart ! I have learned a lot from you out theresurely ONE of you has a schem simple enough for us to follow, that is the only input I can put in here, unless you need to plumb a forty story building or a one bath house I am afraid I couldn't help here much.
Goodhart (author)  shouldawoulda8 years ago
Higher frequencies require care in construction....it is too easy to end up with a lot of noise and parasitics....
ReCreate8 years ago
Well,wifi signals are at 2.4GHZ Microwaves generate 2.4GHz signals too bottom line,things that generate signals above 1ghz are expensive,expect to find em at 100+ dollars
Goodhart (author)  ReCreate8 years ago
aye, but someone that has WiFi would have signals floating about their house, yes?
ahh...umm...yes? what do you mean?
Goodhart (author)  ReCreate8 years ago
Being that it is Wireless , there would be radio signals in the air for me to detect, if my detector is working, right?
Ah yes,but to receive those signals in the first place you need an antenna of certain shape and size.
Goodhart (author)  ReCreate8 years ago
The detector I have should be able to detect the presence of frequencies between 500 mhz & 3 ghz ( I think it is 3...or was it 2 ???)
I have never seen anything that goes to 3GHZ,the highest i have ever seen is 2.8GHZ,and i think it was some sort of prototype phone or something And your detector,can you show me a pic,it sounds quite interesting
Goodhart (author)  ReCreate8 years ago
check out the listing for it at Think Geek

I don't see the specs there, but off the package it says detects between 500 mhz & 3 ghz
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