I need all the pictures of the Instructables Robot.

I'm hoping to make a stuffed equivalent of Robot so I need lots of reference pictures. Have to get the shape right. I know there are forum topics, and I've found most of those, but where else has he shown up? :D I'm also wanting to make some stuffed versions of the Little Big Planet characters, so if you have any pictures of that feel free to post them as well. ;)

Picture of I need all the pictures of the Instructables Robot.
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NachoMahma9 years ago
. Well, I have to ask: Will Robot be wearing pasties? heehee
Here's a really good one.
robot side.jpg
jessyratfink (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
Yay! I had been looking for that one. :D
That is a good one! Thanks!
I have a question... just asking you because you just replied. Anyways. Do you know what Sculpey is? Let's say I make the Instructables Robot with that. Would it like smush down if I were to bake it at the right temperature (because it is not flat like the Kirby USB Drive Instructable)? If you know, please reply, thanks.
Umm As long as you made the whole thing with a bit of tolerance to stretching and contracting in the oven it would probably hold together, I would suggest a slow lower temp cook then raise for the last hour so it doesn't go to bits in the kiln...
I'm guessing that it is clay. I've never used it, but I want to say no - although, I'd build a frame for Robot.
It is clay. Frame? What do you mean frame? Like while it is baking? And how, I kind of don't get it..
Ah, sorry, I was leaving, didn't have time to detail. What I meant was a strong skeleton, perhaps a wire clothes hanger.
Umm theres a bunch in a forum topic I started i think it instructablart most of them aren't the standard robot but they may help...
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