I need an idea!

i need an idea that hasnt been made yet something challenging please post an idea

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MI68 years ago
For a knex gun: darth acexxacer, i know how you feel, but an inventor needs something to invent. What you need is a gap in the 'market'. You need something which people havent done or an improvement. I have often done so then, after a quick brainstorm thouhgt " BUT THERE IS NOTHING TO MAKE!" But something will come and you need to look around for it. If you want to make an improvement , make someone elses gun and fiddle around with it lots. In the end you should have made some good mods. TIME IS IMPORTNAT : the more the better .
veanding machine
mrbox9 years ago
RBG GATLIN GUN OUT OF KNEX! Except larger... like this one..

There are way to many guns on this site there fun to look at and everything but how about knex transformer or even something from a movie or show and see if you can make it out of knex.
darth acexxacer (author)  glitched97009 years ago
Kiteman9 years ago
Try any of the Burning Questions.
never thought I'd see you in the K'NEX forum. Or Goodhart for that matter.... (but something tells me he has a secret passion for K'NEX....)

Eek! - I was looking at the all list.

(Are there any K'Nex requests on the Burning Questions list?)
no, witch surprised me for one reason, the burning questions were made from tracking the most searched for titles that we did not have, i would thing that at least one K'Nex thing would have been on the list if thats how they were decided. anyway, why do you not like KNex?
Oh, K'Nex is fine. My boys have some (though they prefer Lego).

What's a pain is the constant stream of K'Nex weapons. Semi-auto this, block trigger that, when, at core, they are all just glorified sling-shots.

If K'Nexers want to impress others, and show they've grown past the cool-it's-a-gun-bang-you're-dead stage, and into truly challenging projects, like the roller-coasters and can-dispensers. Things that do things.

So, maybe Darth should have a go at entering one of the current contests:

  • Make a K'Nex bicycle.
  • A K'Nex daffodil.
  • A K'Nex robot.
  • Make K'Nex components from recycled materials.
See what I mean?
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