I need help connecting a small wheel to a DC motor, yesh.

Hey all, I'm making a little DC generator for my bike (just to power an LED for now), but I cannot seem to connect a wheel to the motor's shaft. It's not too large of a motor, and I had some toy wheels from some little car, but they don't fit and I can't figure out a good solution. Does anyone have a good way to do such a thing? Or maybe even to make an altogether new wheel?

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Kiteman9 years ago
An idea from Junkbots:

Take a 35mm film cannister lid, fill it with epoxy. Press the axle of the motor into the epoxy before it sets.

For grip, glue a wide rubber-band around the outside as a tyre.
Jackhole (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Oh that is clever. Now it has to be a specialized epoxy right? Does it have to be for both plastic and metal?
IIRC, it was just ordinary 2-part epoxy.
most are
Kiteman has you a good answer, another is to find a little cog from something that fits onto the shaft well and epoxy a wheel over it, that's a little more strong but for this I'd say the film canister should do just fine...