I need help dealing with two bullies at my school......

Heya guys, I desperately need help with two bullies at my school. They ain't strong or anything, but they're good with words. Their names are Jocco and Lucas. And lemme tell you, they are such a pain in my arse. Their targets are usually the new kids, like me and my friend, Danny I know it's just best to just ignore them, don't sink to their level and all that, but when they made my friend cry in more then one occasion, that's going too far. Their jokes are mostly sexual and racist, calling me and Danny gay just for being friends, saying that I have a vagina, and even going so far as to say he f'ed my mother. And his racist jokes are usually aimed at Danny, due to him coming from Czech Republic. I need help, and fast. P.S: Not trying to act like a junior gangsta or anything, but please don't tell me to report this to the teacher or something, because if I do, my popularity will drop faster than I can say Barrack Obama. Thanks in advance.

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get an ultrasonic device.make em' puke
splazem6 years ago
I'd like to know how the situation is going. Any luck?
bayyagg6 years ago
That was 2009... now is 2011, U have just grown a little bit... but I bet u have save some money and hire some BiGGER BUULiES in ur neighborhood( get some Black africans or Burito eating Mexicans ). Let them have FUN!

toogers6 years ago
i know this is late reply, but have a video camera handy, (real or fake), they can't do crap if they think it's being recorded. (i recommend cheap or fake cameras because you don't want a pricey camera broken)
if you pull out a camera you will get bashed for it
Im not sure if this would work for you but....last year a couple of year 11's were bullying me (i was year 9 at the time), they were insulting me and stuff but then they started to push me around and stuff and one guy punched me in the guts, so I immediately kicked him in the ribs and punched him in the face, a teacher was watching and the bullies got something like 4 weeks of detentions, and they never bugged me again, sometimes a black belt comes in handy
woooooooooooooo good on ya mate, i love i when something like that happens!!!!!!!!!!! i hope the bullies get bullied by you!!!!
DJ Radio8 years ago
Right now, there are some people who bully me too. The 2 people are just 1 short dude, and a bigger dude. They first pissed me off by insulting me, then the bigger dude slapped my hand, so I just left. Then they start throwing stuff at me from across the room, and after class, the bigger one starts pushing me. The worst part is, the teacher doesnt care. I would beat up the little dude because hes the main one, but his big friend would then join him and beat me. As soon as I see my friend, I wanna ask him how he fights, because he can really hurt someone. He beat up some freshman football players one time with his moves.
Camisado (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Dang, that's harsh. The teacher doesn't care?! What kind of incompetent annoying-@$$ piece of 5|-|17 is s/he supposed to be?! Anyway, just go for it. I'd help you if I were in your school, what with my martial arts experience and all, but sadly I can't. My Kenjutsu (Japanese sword art) teacher always told me that if you're in a fight with a bigger guy and you're just overpowered and there's nothing you can do about it, get your arm across his neck, don't let go, and attack him in the process. I just can't stand bigger people bullying smaller people. The 10th graders of my school started to kinda being really big arses recently. They started slamming kids into the lockers and ask them to hand over their money. I don't really mind, but then they smashed my lil' bro onto the lockers and asked him to hand his PSP over. My really good friend Manuel punched one of them in the face (he's a very competent fighter, he's about as strong as I am) and proceeded to fighting him. I punched the other bully in the face and kicked him in the baIIs until he didn't even dare to go up. The head bully then smashed a table tennis bat onto my bro's face and proceeded to attack him with it. Enraged, I grabbed the bokuto (wooden Kendo/Kenjutsu practice sword) in my locker and slammed it at the head bully. Two of the bullies were suspended and is sent to the school nurse, while the head bully is expelled and is sent to the hospital. I did get suspended for three days but the majority of the cool male teachers congratulates me for a job well done. Sorry for getting off-track, but yeah, get your hand across his neck, don't let go and let out an effective, simple-but-fast flurry of punch and kicks.
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