I need help understanding

On the computer, when you click"you", then "view profile", in the top right hand corner, what does the eyeball, star, and the question mark mean? I know that they mean views, favorites and comments, but is that the stuff that you viewed, favorited, and commented, or is that the stuff other people did to you or you account.

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That is the total number of views your Instructables have gotten, the star is the percentage of your Instructables that have been featured, and the last is the percentage of your answers that have been marked "best answer".
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Btw, those tags mean you are spamming or your computer is infected.
That's not a nice thing to do :(
That was in reply during the original posting a few weeks ago. There was a ton of random unrelated tags which appeared under his username at the time. I think he seemed to get the message and cleaned it up. You ought to see me when I am not nice.
Oh, I thought you were messing with him/her. My misunderstanding!