I need help/advise "Laptops: Apple or Dell?"

hey everyone, i am looking into buying a laptop for the end of school and into college. I most likely will be going into design of some kind (CAD, CAM, Inventor, etc.) but I also love to make movies and am very interested in photography and photoshop. so the big question is: What laptop should i get? if you have a preference or just basic things to look out for. i would really appreciate some advise, thanks again. bumpus

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DJ Radio8 years ago
You could get a mac, and use boot camp to install windows on... oh wait a min.. derin bumped this and its one year old.
Derin8 years ago
Bigev Derin8 years ago
Why did you do that?
Firebert0109 years ago
I'd stick with a PC if you plan on going into CAD. Chances are that you'll need to install all sorts of software that is exclusive to PCs only. Macs are cool, but they have a limited amount of capability with most computer software. Plus safari sucks.
"Plus safari sucks"
IE sucks much more, I think we can all agree... it doesn't matter what's bundled, its what you can install.
That's why I use FireFox.
Exactly, why can't you use Fx on your new Mac?
I never said you couldn't ;)
These days Macs will boot windows and run just as well as a native windows system as a windows-only PC, so you really get DUAL capabilities. (Of course, this requires that you buy an actual copy of windows.) The kids' middle school has a bunch of Mac minis running WXP. (depressing!) (dual booting like this will require extra disk space...) And as far as I know, Macs all have CTRL keys and work fine with external two (and three) button mice (although I'm not sure the laptops have a right-click on the touch pad.) Whatever you get, also get an external disk drive, and back up your system RELIGIOUSLY! Does your college have particular requirements? Some do (frequently at deep discount prices), and it would certainly be a shame to have something you couldn't use.
Apple's Mighty Mouse, although it has a one-piece shell, is really a five button mouse. Each half of the outer shell is a button, two pads on the sides act as buttons, and the 360-degree scroll ball is clickable.
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