I need ideas for a TV-Series... Does anyone have one?

Hey guys, i am a scriptwriter and I am going to write a script for a TV-Series for a TV channel in my country. It should be in Drama/Mystry/Crime genre. Do you have any big ideas for a long TV Series? Please advise... By the way, No vampire stories or Sci-Fi or supernatural ideas... think classic :)

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gral123 years ago

do something similar to vikings or game of throne

Triclaw3 years ago


craftyv3 years ago

If you are a script writer Isn't the idea that you are the creative mind that thinks of an idea and then develops it, after all the ideas the thing that separates one from another .I've also heard that writers keep a note book or electronic devise and jot down ideas, words and phrases from any and all sources to draw on when ready to "write". Good luck in the future.

Yes The Darwin Awards

Toga_Dan4 years ago

7 stranded castaways on an uncharted desert isle. Each week a potential rescuer lands on the island, but before rescue can be effected, the newcomer shows up dead.

murphybedhq4 years ago
Well I assume you have seen the big ones? like Breaking Bad and Prison Break? otherwise sorry, I am mostly into Scifi and Supernatural, so I cannot be of much help...
Kiteman5 years ago
You've had several useful ideas given around the site.

Y'all gonna* have the manners to reply?

(*Guess who's just watched Jonah Hex, and is half way through True Grit?)
majakano5 years ago
thanx,,good & nice
Kiteman5 years ago
So, how many scripts have you written?

How many have gotten as far as the screen?
kelseymh5 years ago
"How I dated my mother." Boy meets girl, falls in love, discovers girl is his mother.
Oh, and kills his father out of jealousy. It doesn't get any more classic than that!
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