I need some brainstorming help w/funds transfer

Hey all;  I need a way to transfer 1,000,000 rubles....

NAH just kidding.

I have someone that  says they are in Australia, and they would like to purchase my HOPE ticket, but their paypal "has been canceled".

Can anyone come up with a safe (and cost effective) way of them making a payment without me having to give out my home address?

Cost effective = would not cost me anything or at very least $5 or less. 

I might even see it in  my heart to award a patch to the best answer :-)
Athough, I will have to find some time to actually make one (or ask one of our resident artists to help ;-)

Please understand....I am not asking anyone to help me DO the transfer,  I just need an idea on how the fellow CAN get the money to me without telling him where I live.


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Dear Friend,

I am an elderly widow of Nigeria. I will be most happy to supply your money transferring need. Simply message me your banking details and I will gladly handle all work. Please do not delay.


Miss Sandra
Nice, but you forgot to misspell half of the words. ;-D
That has happened to me before, which makes that even funnier.
 I LOLed.  :)
lemonie7 years ago
How about using someone who isn't so cautious as an agent / broker. I.e. send to (person) - who PayPals you the cash, you post the ticket.

Goodhart (author)  lemonie7 years ago
At this point, he says he is still "thinking" about how to pay for it,  I have already sent it to him, and at this point, he still doesn't know for sure (I mean, I can't actually PROVE that I am honest) that I wouldn't just go anyways......I mean, I know I can't go, but he doesn't at this point.
If you're worried about identity, get someone else to receive the cash (is what I meant)

Kryptonite7 years ago
Gee, that's a tough one.

Ask him to send it to your post office box? Or a friend or neighbour's post office box?
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Well, that is a problem.  If I had a PO box, or if someone I knew had one, that would work.   It isn't worth it to get one just for this though IMHO
Does your local Post Office have them for rent? Mine does minimum rental times for a month for $10, which isn't too bad, depending on what you're getting.
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