I need someone to build something for me

I'm currently away from my knex but I though of a new handle design so I downloaded MLCAD and I made it there but I want someone to make it out of knex and tell me if it's comfortale or not. I have 4 pictures of it and more can be supplied if needed. 1: Side 2: Front 3: Bottom 4: Top Note: Spacers should be added onto the white rods that connect the two blue connectors. Note2: The Red connector with two y-clips connected to it would be part of the trigger and isn't connected to anything, it should stilll be built to see if it can fit into that space though. Note3: small wheels should be added where there are white rods.

Picture of I need someone to build something for me
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Is it allright if I use the handle? I will give you credit.
knexguy8 years ago
Didn't mepain use something like this on his Oodammo pistol?
bigdylan918 years ago
sure ill try if it is i might use it on my guns.
smilee8 years ago
I made it and it is comfortable but the red connectors with the y connectors is to big
knex mad8 years ago
it looks comfortable ill try it