I need suggestions for board game pieces...?

 I'm making a board game,and I can't think of a way to make the little pieces...? The characters..? What ever they're called...the part that you move around on the board..  I've thought of a lot of things..pipe cleaners, cardboard, wax, and a lot of other dumb ideas.

 Does anyone have any suggestions..?

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Toga_Dan5 months ago

cardboard + hot glue + spray paint.

RoL95 months ago

What is the game about? Then that might give you some themed ideas. You can also get some of those glass pebble type things, kind of look like gems. I know its not 'making' them but it might work well!

I've seen one done once with different types of nut and bolt.
diajoh5 years ago
The original Monopoly game suggested players use any small trinket -- coins, buttons, toy soldiers, bracelet charms, earrings, etc. That's how we got the variety of interesting pieces we have today.
You can go to any yard sale and buy old jewelry, pewter figurines, board games (to scavenge the pieces), toys, craft supplies, etc. and choose any six or eight interesting items. Then players can choose to be the shiny aquarium rock, octopus, button, cat, feather, bingo chip, etc.
FoolishSage5 years ago
There are some suppliers of semi-made markers for hobby board game developers. They are generally easy to modify and paint.
Goodhart5 years ago
nuts, bolts, and other pcs. of hardware
lemonie5 years ago
Like canucksgirl says:

You can use anything small: buttons, coins, washers, Legos, and even painted rocks. Anything smaller then the spaces on the board.
kelcylane (author) 5 years ago

I just thought of a weird idea...

I could use an acorn for the head of one of the characters..Haha
canucksgirl5 years ago
How about polymer clay? You can mold it, sculpt it and then oven dry it. Its not very expensive and is available in most craft stores like Michaels. It also comes many different colors. People use it for all kinds of things (including jewelry) because its fairly durable. I'm sure it would work well for game board pieces.
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