I need to hire someone to make one, possible more deivces for me

I know what I want, I have drawings, and the parts are relatively inexpensive and easy to get. It is a small LED based item similar to a children's toy. (parts are even used from inexpensive children's toys). I simply don't have the knowledge or time to put it together. If all goes well I have another device I need made as well. With the right person I will of course pay (I hope paypal is ok)before you start. I would strongly prefer someone with experience and someone that has posted projects on here before with LED experience. Please contact me at: michael@exceptionalmemories.com

Dr. No11 years ago
could you be more specific about what the devices are, what they do, how big they should be, ect.
Michael_in_Mo (author)  Dr. No11 years ago
The devices will have a random light sequence, with random noises. They will e no bigger than a cigar box.
Michael_in_Mo (author) 11 years ago
Something to get the attention of small children while I take their picture. the other device is for special effects photos.
zachninme11 years ago
What is it that you are making?