I need video game ideas!

I am currently starting to design an Xbox 360 game using Microsoft XNA Game Studio (a library for rmaking X360, Zune and PC games in the C# language), but I am stumped at thinking of ideas. I have thought of many that seem good at the time, but while starting to plan, program, or make graphics for them, i realize it wasn't that good of an idea and give up on them. If it is good enough, it will be sold on the Xbox LIVE marketplace (under Community Games) and can win a contest. If you do help me and give a suggestion, please know this will be a 2D game (i can do all the work for a small game, but I can't do 3d modelling). Also, I can use an advanced physics engine and there aren't really any limits to ideas I could use. If you do give me an idea, I can even give you credit in the game. Also, it should be something original and innovative, think outside the box! Thanks in advance if you do help me out, this is probably the hardest part of game making!

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revanov13 days ago

I have an idea for a music based game.


BrianM34315 days ago

I see it's a few people up here and, I'm sure they have great ideas but, I'm certain none of them are as original as mine. If it is in fact a new game idea you desire you must seek out those who see things from a different perspective. I my friend, can definitely help you in fact we can help each other my email is betterourselves720@gmail.com. If nothing else you owe it to yourself to find out this jewel of a game we can create together. Thanks in advance.

If you email me I'll tell you all about my game idea of supergods it's supposed to be a 3D game but it could work as 2d as well but we will need to form a team for communication if we want to get this right my email is andrewvincente311@gmail.com I look forward to making this game idea happen i haven't thought of a name yet so for now I'm just going with "Supergods: Unchained" to describe it.

my name is torrey and my gmail in trowe0420@gmail.com and I have a game idea called survive which is like a first person shooter and has split screen and co op but basically it is a zombie game where you wake up and your the only one left kinda like I am legend but you have to find guns but not like last of us where you have no bullets but you can buy more ammo and food and you have to survive different attacks in states in the us until you make it to the safe zone or build your own fort like walking dead until you build up enough recruits from multiplayer to make it to safe zone.your friends and you find wood and build and reinforce houses you find and players can keep on fixing up the houses while you are offline but the recruits you add on multiplayer are limited to maybe 20 a group and other games modes maybe more.you can patrol on foot or in armored cars you found parts to fix the cars with and fight from alabama to new york and its never ending from zombie survival battles to fixing your houses and cars on conquest to making it to safe zones .its alot more to it but it can be kinda like a battlefield with split screen and zombies and walking dead and be a open world game.

megavega7 months ago

I have a completed plot outline, characters, levels and settings for a futuristic sci-fi Action/Adventure/RPG game. I have a paid illustrator working on the characters now, and editors polishing the all the text.

If this seems interesting to you, let me know and we could discuss. I could share the project document with you.


I would love to here more about this idea

jdwat90.7 months ago

I have an idea for a some what educational video game for natural selection. What if you made a game through the eyes of a predator, where it was your job to catch your prey. The prey that you catch get removed from the gene pool and the prey that you do not catch go on to have children with slight mutations. This could continue for many generations and eventually the prey would be superbly adapted to their environment and it would be much harder for you as the predator to catch them. Then maybe you would have to evolve to catch your prey (It would be cool if you could pick your own evolutionary traits - something like catch 30 prey for improved sight or catch 50 prey for improved speed...). I would play that game.

For some more context, this is the video which inspired this game idea. 8:30 minutes in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFZxU4sA6qU

ruhamak jdwat90.6 months ago

+jdwat90 can I use your idea for a school project. I'm making a video game for autistic and disabled kids. I promise to give you all the credit email me back if its a yes.

TYTC ruhamak2 months ago

i cn help i have autism and adhd

jdwat90. ruhamak6 months ago

Yeah no problem. No need for crediting me, I'd be content with just getting to play the game when your done.

ruhamak jdwat90.6 months ago

Thanks Still Crediting Tho!!!!:):):):):)

mikem3044 months ago

I have a great idea, zombie survival. You first start out designing a hideout, limited supplies, then as you progress you get upgrades for your crew and your hideout. I would love to design a tree house zombie hideaway, or inside second story buildings. Where you could move around and collocation supplies and decide to move hideouts. Maybe made from Rockstar, or another company know for huge maps to explore, farcry assinans creed gta would do you guys think?

JackB110 mikem3044 months ago

That is such a cool idea!

abolfazlr4 months ago

Hello . Road Rush game on PS1 motorcycle amazing ride that seems forgotten. If renovated it will shine, especially in multiplayer. Really great is that it clashes with her on a motorcycle. ...

abolfazlr5 months ago

I apologize if part of the text was difficult because I use Google translate. My idea about a new style of game. To close I am to see you one example. Since the launch of the first Call of duty shooter genre is thriving, but what was Call of duty differently. In all of the titles you of someone you know everything depended on you and destroy you if you were not born, but in Call of duty you are part of a larger process that you are part of you, and the backing had strong historical. Call of duty was to convey a strong sense of global war. But my idea is not in the style shooter in the style that it did not know anyone and practically nothing new to say. No games have failed to convey the sense of a great battle and a real sword. But how tens of thousands of troops placed in a third-person game. The solution has already been partially used. In one of the games lord of the rings in the first round you can not fight in a limited way and in the background is running an animation of a great war. The hard part is played by the integration of background animations so that the gamer does not understand. To that effect us the story of real humanity we have 4,000 years of history. The game will now feel very well if he plays a role in the actual stream. This game could be the start of a new genre of games is and always welcome people new things. If playing with new and different gameplay combined. To realize the sense that I can speak from first person mode to see Rome Total war II. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. (Gondolf14@gmail.com)

007onionrings6 months ago

How about a Hamster Race Game like this http://www.onionringsstudios.com/hamster-race-game/

silverplato116 months ago

what about a horseback riding game with 3 modes western,dressage, and jump

tq37 months ago

How bout a fighting game, which right now are not very popular because most are about the same but back in the 90's was a hit. I would make one where instead of just focusing on the fighting but focus on the areas itself, like expanding them and make them apart of the fighting. barr54321@gmail.com

tq37 months ago


tq37 months ago
LuisH199 months ago

If you want a simple yet fun game with physics maybe try the fun swinging mechanics of the game Floating Point and combine that with the goal-oriented accessibility of Tiny Wings/ Race The Sun. Basically it would be a game where the player would swing around and use momentum and circular acceleration to try to traverse the game before the timer ran out, as well as dotting the landscape with power ups and items of the like.

jʎɐɹ-ɾ9 months ago

Have you made any games before? If you are trying to learn game development, don' try to be very original. It's better to make genre games at first.

a philosophical game about traveling deep within the mind of a person with amnesia who's trying to remember who they are. On different levels, you experience their desires, fears, and memories. Minimal dialogue and possibly some odd NPCs who represent either feelings or people in their past life, you could be able to befriend them. Horror elements could be a maybe (depending on what you want). Enemies could be minor fears such as a snake (fear of snakes), a blob of darkness (fear of the dark or the unknown), or floating eyes (fear of being watched). Bosses could be major faults or problems in the players life (social anxiety, poor communication, family issues, depression, substance abuse, etc.) To win the game, you must beat the bosses and the darkness and monstrosities will disappear, revealing a world of inner peace. After this, the player can choose to "WAKE UP". there could be a short message explaining that this action can't be undone and you'll never see this world again. If the player chooses yes, the player wakes up in a hospital to find his/ her family gathered around them. Then, the game ends. If the player chooses no, it could cut to a black screen saying "[player] chose to stay in the fantasy world of their mind, but as we all know, this kind of peace won't last forever" The credits roll and thats the end of the game.

WOW! I love this idea!

If you don't mind i'll try and make this game. email for response: not personal vannerghost@gmail.com

Awesome idea. I would give it a try. We can wrote the storyboard and then develop a demo. Contact me: gack94@gmail.com

putting your email on a public forum isn't the best idea send a personal message with your email

Simplygames12 months ago

Hello , i have great ideas for games but i dont want people to steal them so can we get into contact my email is JRN0716@gmail.com / and my skype is Jake Da Garden Snake thanks for viewing and i hope we can work together for a game :)

(posting your email address and Skype name on a public forum isn't the best idea)

I understand but these are my public emails and skype (ones i do not have intentions on reviving if they get hacked or stolen

it is so you don't get loads of spam

Holy crap are you actually Jake the Garden Snake or just a fan?? Cause if it's you Jake I'm a huge fan and I'm honored to meet you :D

Haha Sadly im not but i do love jake and all the other motovloggz :) do you have a steam or skype? :)

funforall10 months ago

A game that has you role playing for the good over evil. you get immersed in all the drama and it calls upon your integrity to solve the game. It gets to the young and actually gets them to think without even being aware of it.

This is a game where the superhero is a vegan. The idea of the game is to promote animal welfare to a young and teenage audience, one where the minds are open to ideas. It would be full of the usual adventure and thrills. Instead of the usual kill kill kill it would be animals being let free from laboratories and slaughterhouses and the drama unfolding as what goes with this. Solutions being sought to stop using animals being used as objects and not living creatures. Questions being asked about animals suffering for nothing more than making money when there are other and more effective methods. Thus children are playing but taking in the message as their own. Of course there would be a Superhero Vega Man or another name that would sum him up. Fighting for the good and outdoing the bad. It is different and would appeal to girls as well as boys. Plus have an educational theme that would promote thinking in young people as what we are doing to their world and the way it is being ruined for them. Giving them the ability to decide what kind of world they want to inherit and have a chance to make it happen. Before it is to late and they have no choices.

SeanB2911 months ago

So, if you're still accepting ideas, here's one:

FPS? Arena deathmatch? Many people like this, if you add any sort of competitive mode to it, people will love it. Take quake for example, unreal tournament. The classic LAN fun. Some games people would kill to have an active community to play still. Now combine it with a popular game right now, DotA2, LoL, CS:GO. Competitive play is what people like. Next big game? IDK :)

How involved in game design are you?
I am looking for a designer to discuss preliminary steps and several possible
ideas for some very involved PC games. I have a significant amount of time to invest, am technology oriented(I don't write code or scripts, but I understand the foundations games are built upon). If you are interested in talking, email or message me.

what engine do you use? and/or did you find a game designer i have very terrible drawing on pc...

milanooco1 year ago

Champions league.

RotcivN1 year ago

1) "Yankee-Doodle" - a 2D co-op platformer-shooter, parodying such hits as Duke Nukem, Mario, Sonic, Contra, etc. Well, not enough...

2) "Rotting" - a story of a man who has started to rot for some reasons. Here, U must do everything to stay uncovered, or U loose.

3) "Quantengentum" - a TPS/beat-'em-up cyberpunk about a woman who worked as a builder and sacrificed herself to save a friend. Fortunately or unfortunately, she was resurrected as a cyborg. The only thing she wants to do is to punish military company, responsible for her resurrection and cybertization.

4) "Lazybones" - a story of a boy/a girl who is so lasy that he/she imagines every activity as a challenge (a race, a fight, a puzzle, etc.).

(sorry for possible grammar mistakes)

UkemeE1 year ago

I have two video games ideas, I would like to discuss with you. It is detailed I send it to you by email, contact me on ukingsleyekaette@gmail.com

dewie371 year ago

I have an idea for one its a real survival game you are in a environment of your choice and you must find ways to get food, water, shelter and everything for survival then you can get whatever you want like to make a little farm, fishing pond, you can make a watchtower or any other building, and to make it even more interesting it can be like a post apocalyptic game too where there are mutated creatures like giant scorpions or zombies and for those who like midevil themed games there can be dragons and other mythological beast.

I love the idea and I think I will try to make a game like that.

TomS171 year ago

How about a game that is crossed between the visual game play of Pokemon but the travel play of Don't Starve. Mixed in heavily with Alchemy games on Play Store Apps. So you have to travel the world and mix elements to build things you can find or make blue prints and learn about different chemicals and other interesting concoctions. Also could have a slight free world roaming of Minecraft. But keep it really as making it go stupid with things that don't actually exist is just boring and pointless as that teaches nothing.......what you think?

TylerB51 year ago

You need to do something that hasn't been done before. Portal and its successor did a great job of that. They made a game that not only challenges your mind, but also a gaming style that nobody has ever done before. If you can pull something like that off, then you've got a best seller.


- I'd suggest doing the classic logical game, you will be very easy to program and easy to play on the 2D environment, for examples there: http://free-lines-3.en.softonic.com

Thank you.


Maybe some sort of time travel game?

Perhaps you would be thrown into battles from history and would have to survive?

Examples: Medival Battles, fighting with samurai, wwII battles?

Alfred E.N1 year ago

Tresure hunt metal detector game

The HiveG1 year ago

you should email me i do 3d modeling id like to help you


how about a zombie catapult game, simple graphics, can be done in 2d and you dont need a storyline for it

yepimatasa1 year ago

check out




judith111 year ago

2 D sport game like football...

This would be a simulation game where you design machines/assembly lines that make products. A company comes to you and says we are opening for business and need a machine that can make 1,000 popcorn makers a day or 10,000 cell phones a day for example.
You then need to make a machine that can manufacture each part for said product in a timely and cost friendly manner. The options could be ensless of what to add to this game but this is just the base idea.
Fewolow1 year ago

check out cartoontist.com


you start off as a kid in 2023 in Los angles CA with a invasion from North Keroa and Russia

Hey guys I want a game like BenL2 with dewie37 with a game like state of decay

wap game for mobile: http://wapgamemobi.net/

Game flash free: http://game.thongtin24h.net/

what about you're a serial killer? can cut off body parts, a damage system where you can cause external and internal damage, and crime scene evidence it can be a roguelike to, and even life simulation, and character creation! it doesn't have to have good graphics just good gameplay.

So, It would be cool to have an Evolution Game. Where you start out real small and grow as you survive. You get to choose how you evolve if you want to be a water land or air creature. Get surprise features in evolution as you continue to grow. Become existing creatures or become your own.

there is one like that called spore creatures for ds

hi all i am a video game addict from childhood i want to want to make a board game virtually live on android aap store the board game name is business whch i used to play for 5 hrs when i was small that is a really amazing and addicting game which will surely be a hit on android app store for more detail contact me at pooja.anandpara@gmail.com

BenL21 year ago

Hey guys i'm only 13, but i got an idea for a 2d ninja game named 'revenge'. It's a game where there are 4 ninja clans living peacefully in Japan when bandit raid your village in the night and burn it down. You must choose your clan, and fight against the bandits and restore your village to its former glory and bring back peace to the land. If you want more details, email me at benlowenthal49@gmail.com

That's a cool idea BenL2!

Maybe you could make a small game where you start out as a traveling group and start making a town of some sort and the game should have bandit attacks, guards to protect the town, merchants coming in and selling you supplies, and animals you need to domesticate! That would be an awesome game.

You also need to make money and homes until you have about 10 people, three of which can be builders, and every time you get five more people, you can get one more builder, this game will be very hard if you don't have a strategy, you would also have a meter that shows how much people want to come to your town. If it is pink, it is low in the negatives(close to 0), if it is red it is high in the negatives(far from 0) and white is your town is not very famous, blue is it is low, and green is high, you will need to do a lot of stuff in the beginning, which might not be a good game for a lot of people, who like blowing up peoples faces, but not this game! You can also become an evil tyrant, or a peaceful fair ruler, the game could be called "Ruler" if you need anymore details, I have a facebook group called "Ruler" and if you can't see it leave a replay and I will fix that!

riverswamp1 year ago

JM19999 I love that idea kind of inception like.

JM19991 year ago

Se if you could build a game within a game, for instance you would control a person on the screen that controls a game on another screen.

JM19991 year ago

Se if you could build a game within a game, for instance you would control a person on the screen that controls a game on another screen.

Use Play Station 3 for more graphics and good games. Best game in PS 3 is god of war 3 and when you will play it you will believe.

yuno449071 year ago

Contact me facebook.com/yuno44907


I want to make a game like Accel World.

This game contains a new perfect combat system but first
we must make the game.

this game is like Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer and
other stuff but it is different. Just like this games we are fighting and this
game is more tactic based.

We are in somewhere and we are something. Our goal is
surviving and defeating other players and destroying targets. So this game
about a war. We can play as everything. I will add things to game until i die.
We need a GM, DM, server, Master, Dio for this game. So somebody will play as
AI (computer artifical intelligence). After finding our poor dungeon master, we
may play it. This game have no limit, you can stop playing and also you can
return to game world when you want.

We have players and we are counting turns. If you are
offline that means your character is being lazy. If you are online, dungeon
master will count turns and will say date and time. You can only gain exp,
gold, stuff by fighting or DM gives you bonus role playing and quest making exp
and gold or stuff. We cant steal things in this game but we can kill its owner
and loot the corpse. This game is in another universe so it has different

In this game only some spells can make you ill or
unconsious. So this game is not realistic or you are a god or something. So in
this game, everything OP and weird. In this game you regenerate too fast and
you nearly never get tired and you dont need to sleep.

DM spawns monsters, draws map, tells story and gives you
a quest. If you dont like it, than you may bully your DM. Also in this game
trees and rocks are killable mobs with 0 DMG so you kill them for collecting
them and they cant attack you. Also everything has a power level. Power level
declares what can it drop and what it cant. Some monsters gives only exp, some
monsters gives only gold so; i will write them and you will read. If you
understood what is this game and what it is about, than start. This is a combat
game so you kill things and you die; and for playing this game, you need a
ruler or you may vote for making game. I mean players vote for game, they
decides what they will play. Now some basics.


DaMaGe is your attack power.


Hit is your hit rate.


Flee is your dodge, parry, block rate.


ArMoR is your hardness. If you hard, you take no damage.


Health is your stamina and so if it is high, you live
more longer.


It is Mana Points and requires for using spells. In this
game everything is spell. Some spells active, some of them passive. We dont
have merit, flaw, gift, skill, ability... Just spell, OK?


You regenerate HP every turn. So you are always healing.


You regenerate MP every turn. So you are always resting.


Each level means 10 attribute point, 1 spell point. 1
attribute point normally equals:

2 DMG 2 HIT 2 AMR 1 FLE 1 HPR 1MPR 10 HP 10 MP

If you want you may make your HP and MP more or less, its
just declares how long combat will be. Low HP means faster combat, high HP
means slower combat. So you may say 1 point = 30 HP or 5 HP, its your life; i
dont care. 1 point also equals:

2 Recover(RCR) it is same thing with HPR but HPR is
active while getting targeted and targeting but RCR is only active when you out
of battle

0,44 Thorn(THR) when enemy attacks you its takes that
much damage. So you will damage your enemy when it attacks you

1,33 Counter(CTR) when enemy cant hit you, you deal that
much damage to enemy

0,66 Spark(SRK) when you attack enemy, you deal that much
damage to enemy even you miss the target

1,5 LifeSteal(LST) when you hit target you gain that much

But you mostly will not use these things.


We are using triangular numbers for mana cost, speed,
range, sight.. Triangular numbers are 1 3 6 10 15 21 these things and i have a list
of them for first one thousand. 1 point gives you 1 speed, 3 point gives you 2
speed. Also swimming 2 times more expensive than speed and flying 3 times more
expensive. But we mostly play on land so we will not swim to depths of the
ocean, will we? Also in this game you cant drown. So it is something like an
action anime manga thing. It is superior.


Range is your attack range. Ranged attacks have %50 less HIT
and DMG. 1 point gives you 2 range. But in this game spells are a little bit
weird so ranged spells are still strong but ranged normal attacks are weak. If
you attack to something faraway from %200 your range, you will get -%150 HIT
and DMG. For %300 you will get -%300 HIT and DMG. Formule is range%(n)=[(range%(n)X50)+(range%(n)-1X50)range%(n)
times] So you didnt understand. Than read this 100=50 200=150 300=300 400=500
500=750 if you still didnt understand, just memorize it. Spells can increase
your range. A normal player cant see more than its 4 times range bcause sight
is 7, range is 2 so 2X3=6


In this game we have 7 SENSE’s. So sight is mostly 7
times more than speed at later levels. But in early levels your sight maybe 1
and that means you are nearly blind, you moving like a brainless zombie. That 7
sense are:


Your eyes. Or webcam. I dont know what you use for seing.
Also you can be blind. Some animals are blind.


hEAR is about hearing sounds, soundwaves.


SMeLl is smelling.


HEaT is about hotness. Snakes see like this with
infrared. You can see hotness and coldness.


MAGnetic is about feeling magnetic fields like Magneto.


IDEa is felling ideas and minds. If you are a mentalist
or esper, you see with this thing.


SoUL is felling souls and emotions. If you are a soulist
or soul controller, you can feel souls.


It is samething with Sense but it is increasis your
hiding ability.

My EAR is 2 and enemy have 2 EARhiding so it is slient
than i cant see it but it can see me. If i have 2 SML and enemy have 2
EARhiding than it will reduce my SML to 1. I can see it but from more near.
That things increases with triangular numbers so you cant increase them too
much. You can know where enemy attacking from even you cant see it and you can
attack something you cant see. So if enemy attacks, you will know where it is.
Also if something attacks to something in your sight, you can see where they
attacked from to that thing. You can hide from a Sense but if you hiding from a
different sense you hide %50 less.


In this game, some players may starve depending on what
you playing as. Zombies have 1 thing. Their HP, MP and STARVING is same thing
so they lose HP and MP nearly every turn. For getting starved, you roll a D20
everyturn. You 1/20 rate or %95 rate get more hungry. 1 point gives you 1
STARVING. When your starving is lower than 0, you lose 1 HP everyturn. So you
must eat something nearly every 20 turn. 1 starving keeps you live for 40 turn,
0 makes you starving 20 turn later. STARVING is for surviving but i call it
STARVING so this is confusing.


You make things or they drops or you find and loot them.
There will be a crafting list.


So you have a sword, you want a better sword. Than you
put these swords together for combining them. While combining if you fail, 1 of
swords gets destroyed. If you seccess 2 of swords gets destroyed and you get an
+1 sword. For making +1 you success %50. For +2 you seccess %33. So formule is
1/(item level+2)


Sometimes normal combat goes wrong, than you just try
something more hot.

First you must calculate who will win wrestling. For this, take half of your HIT and add on it
double of your wrestling attribute and multiple that number with d8(8 sided
dice) So wrestling is too random. So formul is (HIT+Wrestling)X (random number
1 to 8) and who wins roll, will win wrestling for this turn. The winner can
stop wrestling. If you do that loser cant move and cant start wrestling for next
turn. Also it will not regenerate HP and MP next turn. While wrestling;
cooldowns of spells gets frozen so time is freezes for both of you. For
starting wrestling your wrestling roll must be higher than target. If you fail
you cant attack and move this turn so your turn is over. If you win wrestling 2
times in a row you can deal damage and if you win next turn you will keep
dealing damage but if you lose you must win 2 times in a row for dealing damage
to enemy. Wrestling damage is your HIT/(your HIT+enemy FLE) X your DMG so (yHIT/(yHIT+eFLE))
X yDMG and if DMG is 2, HIT is 2, FLE is 1 that makes 1,33. While wrestling you
cant regenerate HP and MP. While wrestling, other things may attack you and
your FLE is 0 while wrestling.


Something you dont care means something you dont own so
everybody can take it. Than you must carry lot of stuff with you for owning
them. 1 point gives you 5 carry point, i mean inventory slot. Later i will tell
you about spells and mana cost.


thats a story not a game idea. i have been devolping some games with unity

and game maker. and thats a pretty good story, but its not a game idea

it could make a amazing animation! but you need some actuall gameplay

to make a good game.

jsmock211 year ago

I have a great game idea i have worked on it for over two years, I know this game will change how people game forever, I mean it Im so stoked to see this through Im trying to talk to who ever can or could give me a nudge in the right direction. This is my baby, for real. I have been gaming for over 10 years. Played many games, and mine is like nothing other. please contact me if you could. weighingstorm721@hotmail.com Thank you very much!

made an idea for a horror game not the best but i really tried :)

The main characteris 14 year old who's family

lives out in the country 20 miles outside

of the nearest town the parents have

the character (gender up to developer) home alone

while they are away to a concert in Washington D.C

the character learns of a satanic psycho on the loose from the news.

3 hours later at 9:00 p.m hears a disturbing noise

coming from outside,his dogs throwing a fit

once outside the player will wander into

the garage and find satanic drawings covering

the walls,suddenly the door slams shut

showing a objective that the player must

find a way out.

this meaning the player will need to

find something heavy to break the

window. once broken the player

will need to climb through the

window and head inside(the player can pick up a

blunt weapon from inside the garage)

when the player reaches the back door

when they look through the small window the player

sees blood covering the kitchen walls. in shock the

character says "holy shit!" the

player must find a way in by breaking

the parents window while every other door

is locked when he enters the room

he finds the slaughtered obscured carcasses

of his family pets he turns to his

tv which has a static image looped

with message written in blood

" "


Game function

It should be a horror game

where the killer is constantly

looking for you and you have

to find a way to kill him

there should several endings and

ways to kill him (considering

the fact if its a indie

game it will give the player a reason to

go and replay the game

it is not like horror games such

as Slender where the horror villain

knows exactly where you are

more or less like Outlast where the

enemy is constantly looking for you

so when you are caught you can escape

but it should be very difficult to

get away the more you get caught the

harder he looks so you get the feeling

that he can be any where at any time

HOW ABOUT THE MOST IMPREVISIBLE GAME EVER. Everything must be made with global variables: objectives (by locations moving, or static and changed at a global variable time) starting points for players always others, imprevisible reinforcers random for random players, aliances or separate, random worlds and random new active sectors (prevous that sectors was set inactive and sleeping Ai), civilians set neutral become attackers or victims. A lot of ingame tv (picture in picture) and a lot of ingame movie.But, remember: everything must be imprevisible and variable. Could be action, quest, strategy, etc.

If you want, see my pictures of my maps for Joint Task Force game at Gaurean Grigore on Facebook.

JamesS11 year ago

well i had an idea for an amazing new mario game but you said it needs to be original so... how about a 2d platformer game ?

you play as a knight. you go through the 7 lands that make up your mystical world.

to find an evil sorcerer named mugun sarki.

your name is "m soja"

it is a game much like mario but you don't stomp on enemies you slice them in half.

as you progress in the game you get coins to buy items and items from enemies can be used to make new weapons and armor. the game will be called knights nobility

you need to cross the 7 lands( the land of the dead, the lands of life, the ice lands, the lands of fire, the land of the wind, the cave lands,

and the land were mugun sarki lives "the dark lands") "sarki was once a king and his name means evil king" "m soja means brave soldier"

contact me at mrxgolds@gmail.com if you would like to hear more which I hope you do

I'm still thinking of some smaller ideas even now but they bring great importance

my idea is a open world space game with 5 different races 4 of the different human factions And 1 alien. The humans include a mechanically engineered faction and a genaticaly engineerd one and one with tepals attic powers and the last one are a bunch of badasses that broke away from the three after a battle which is explained in the story that follows this:

War Of The Divine


Backstory: The Great Wars between humans in the year 2045 destroyed most of earth and many outlying colony's in the milky way galaxy to the point of no survival but Luckily for many years a group of scientist had been working on a experimental stellar Warp Engine capable of the speed of light times 3 which gave Humanity hope that they could survive this terrible destiny and carve a new future into space and unlock its deep secretes that lurk behind every star and to possibly find that glimmer of home they are all looking for. All the remaining colony's and territory's on earth pulled there resources together to create a elite fleet to carry on Humanity's hope for a new path an created a fleet of 100 ships that would be able to house 1/3 of the population of the last of humanity which amassed to 1,000,000,000 of the remaining human beings. As we moved forward we discovered many planets with much life but nothing intelligent and no habitable planets. It felt like we would never find anything until finally we made a breakthrough in terraforming technology which allowed the terraforming of almost any planets into a habitable world in just 5 years. Because if this great discovery we began to sprout out colony all over soon enough our population more than quadrupled our population in a matter of time. Then our base human instincts kicked in and we suddenly broke apart into 3 distinct groups and a void grew over the meaning of the word "HUMANITY". Our race split into 3 factions that went by the names "Zealots" / "Reapers" / and "Condors". The zealots believed that Humanity should begin working to combine the human body with cybernetics to increase our brains and strength 5 fold, while the Reapers began to genetically Enhance the human body grouch gene slicing to the point of what they thought perfection, and finally the Condors which outcasted the idea of altering the human body in a single way but In stead worked to unlock the human brain and when they succeeded they unlocked extreme telekinetic powers but still limited and became extremely smart but lost strength in the process. These 3 factions would battle for control over the cosmos until the other 2 were dead or fell themselves, the Zealots would soon discover how to create great mechs that would be almost impossible to beat in combat 1 on 1. The Reapers started to create super strong solders some that could fly and some that could reach the speed of a cheetah, finally the condor which began to incorporate a special body suit that was easy to meld with there mind and became a vital asset in battle weaponry for them.so as the years dragged on the fighting kept going and didn't stop until one long lost probe in the outer system sent a single picture back to us of a alien fleet and it looked like they we're trying to colonize a planet and at that moment the three leaders decide to have a cease fire to look into this event. Humanity sent in a envoy with advanced communication system and a good translators but when they reached the planet it was shot. After that they all decided that this threat was to be dealt with before there battles continued any further. Even as this threat was important the factions still held many thoughts of destruction for there enemy's. As the timer counted down to the estimated arrival of there colony ships they had many defenses and assault fleets being prepared. Then the time arose and the enemy had arises to fight for the divided humanity's new home but were in for more than they expected. As the battle arises the 3 faction put aside every difference and united to push back this horrible threat that chases humanity down. As the 2 fleets come together humanity noticed that they had but a handful of enemy ships assembled there was about 100 ships which surprised many but as the battle started they soon relished that each of these ships were equivalent to 30 of there's and suddenly great grief was created and many ships began to abandon there position and run. After about a hour that felt more like 10 There were only 500 ships left of humanity's fleet but these ships were some of the best of each faction and were classified as battleships they fought with a ferocity un matched for generations they all flu used fire on 1 at a time bringing the enemy fleet down ever so slowly to the point of 200.V.400 ships in the final moments when the enemy was just about to smash the remnants of our fleet and the human Zealot Flagship made the final sacrifice and plunged deep into the alien flagship destroying it. This seemed to have created a shift in the alien patterns as they started to move randomly some even hitting each other and soon enough they warped out and didn't return. After this battle the remaining ships that didn't flee made a decision to create yet another faction bent on fearless ness with but one code "Never Retreat" and they would implement all the factions power towards assault tactics. Soon enough we would make contact with the alien empire and thought that a mutual agreement to live in coherence with each other and stop the fighting so that they could continue to advance. These Aliens went by the name "Granites" when translated they were a expansive empire that didn't play well with others but had to make a agreement to survive after there great losses even if there was always twill of war. After several generations many people now excepted all 5 factions while many others wanted to destroy them but at this time they may get there wish for the 5 Factions had now reached a critical moment in tent ion and the twill of voiding these hold fire treaty's soon arouse and now the universe seems to have turned into a muck of random territory skirmishes and pirate raiders along with multi faction traders and smugglers.

Ya I know it's a lot and I stil have more planed but the gist of it is I hope for it to be better than eve online but in a way have the same fundemeantles

I've got a great idea that I think people would take to fast and support a lot

TomGillan72 years ago

Flood game

All on iOS with virtual joystick

-flood game has superhero quiz graphics

ALL ARE 2D!!!!

Flood game is a game where a tsunami is a recurring threat and for some reason happens every 3/4/5mins and will include destructible environments which get wiped out by the tsunami, game will include 16 player multiplayer 2D and a hunger/sleep/sanity bars so you have to look after character by looking for high ground in a open world map by traversing skyscrapers and also to feature NPC's who trade and a safe zone and possibly gangs who want to kill you but there are limited resources.

Most of the game involves stealth, the story is that the moons orbit has been mucked up by a large meteor causing huge tidal waves, there is this man called Marmaduke and he is friends with all big political figures and he takes the tsunami as a course of action to gather his own army and try to take over the world as the minister of the u.s defence trusts him he gathers his own troops and they are hunting the protagonist whatever the player names him/her, these militia are extremely dangerous as they have a gun although as they are scarce and as you develop your senses so do they plus you can nick their uniform.

Environments look much like the last of us and dayz and your only modes of transport are a horse (if you have found one) horses fit two people or a old train which you have to start up by finding parts but it is easily wiped out by the tsunami. Eventually you will be able to use the tsunami to your will but not literally, for example you could lure some Marmaduke guards into a building and let the tsunami take them out, or break a dam which is near a Marmaduke camp.

There is a cure screen where you can cure your character, but there are some things you won't be able to cure such as lost limbs. There is also a button which is to grab things similar to trials where it puts the game in slow motion and when you hold the grab button you use they virtual joystick to control your arm, so if the building you are in is being eroded by tsunami then when it is toppling down you can use the grab to jump out of a building and grab a different one, although if you are carrying too much momentum then your arm will be ripped off.

Utilities that you have to find in the game include:

-Backpack (start with it)

-Grapple hook, to reel yourself into things or abseil down buildings

-Bow and arrow









-Flaming torch




-Frying pan


-Floatation device





-Sanity meds (when your sanity level is low you hallucinate and these hallucinations can scare your character to death)

Animals include:




-Birds (various types)

-Horses (ridable)



i have an idea for a video game it would be mostly like pokemon but the creatures would spawn randomly in certant areas and the battles would be first person in their eyes kinda like the pokemon anime and insted of levels to learn new move you get exp from wild creatures/other people and you can save up for a move you realy want or get smaller moves faster. smaller size would mean they would be harder to hit but cant dish out as much damage i would make a game like that myself but i dont know how to code :P also some of the creatues can fly some can dig and to keep you from hiding in the air or under ground to long you would have a stamina bar that refills itself over time but not when digging or flying so you cant spam powerful attacks or status moves that how a powerful effect (sorry for any bad spelling thats not my strong suit)

hi i have just recently learned how to make 3d ( and 2d ) models, code, animate, the video game making proccess, and much more but dont have an idea. so i goggled for one and found your epic idea. if you would please contact me at bulba.12@hotmail.com i would love to work with u on this amazing game. thanks and please email.

DJSkrillex2 years ago

I have an idea for a game.Im only 13 so don`t be angry if you think the idea sucks
So the game will be Open World set on a made up country called Narakovia (place holder name) somewhere between 17-18th century.You will be a guy called David.You will be a werewolf hunter.The world will include large dark forests, big cities and small villages.You can choose to have 1 companion with you.Oh and you will be a veteran at hunting.You can choose your companion to be a male or a female.The game starts off with you teaching your companion.This will be the first quest.It`ll be kind of a tutorial.The country has to be very big and by that i mean VERY BIG :D.When you finish the tutorial.You and your companion hear a loud scream from a woman from a near by village.You and your companion run to see what happened.You will have kind of a special ability that you can upgrade, so with that ability your hearing becomes better.You use that ability to locate from where did the scream come from.Also this ability will show footsteps of the werewolfs.So you track down from where the scream came from.The footsteps lead to an abandoned house away from the village.You ready your crossbow.You walk towards the house and see blood everywhere.You enter the house and your companion stays outside and looks for the werewolf.The house is very small and you see only one door.You open it and you see the corpse of a young woman.Then a popup appears and you press a button to investigate the body.This takes 5-10 seconds.If the body is warm it will take only 5 seconds but if its colder 7 to 10.When you start investigating you hear your companion screaming for help.You storm out of the house and you see your companion on the ground trying to hold the werewolf from biting him.You jump from behind with your silver sword and kill the werewolf.You help your companion to get up and sit on a bench near the house.And when you two relax and catch your breath the woman jumps out of one window and transforms to a werewolf.You and your companion fight her.Your companion hits her legs with his swords and she falls.You draw your crossbow and shoot her on the face.This is just the first quest if you are interested contact me :).Im from Bulgaria so expect some mistakes in the pronounciation :).

nancyjohns2 years ago

hey guys, check out the topic my public minecraft server. I will open it sometime today. :)

MasterPlanP2 years ago

Well i have a idea about a game not sure if its an idea

The Game would be called " Thin Line Between Us" Mostly Rated R

The Character you would play as is John Jenkins a LAPO

The game begins in Los Angeles, Cal 2004 you start off as a 22 year old your name John Jenkins you have a twin brother Jeremy Jenkins a known drug dealer/member of a gang called the Crips they only have a mother named Jennifer Jenkins a crack addict whos husband Jimmy Jenkins father of the twins died in 2004 of overdose John Jenkins a track star in high school graduated from college criminal justice in 2004 John and his twin Jeremy are to different individuals John began cop academy you would compete the cop academy missions and you come back 10 years later... Your mother passed of overdose your brothers in jail for armed robbery did 10 years and have 1 year left and is your first day on the job as a Los Angeles police officer... you go on your first patrol the world be like gtv5 but you can make traffic stops, respond to radio calls basically patrol the street for crime activity it would be crime activity every where shown on the map respond to some crazy calls respond to raids, accidents, sideshows, murders, domestic violence, loud parties, fights, and gang affiliation you name it like real life on patrol in LA you don't know what you will respond to complete all of the missions and gain respect and a year later happens and you move up to become a detective because your outstanding work you will no longer get just any call you will get all homicide calls you have to find details about the victim interview around the scene see if any one knows anything talk to the family about the victims where abouts and try to track down the killer and also link them to the murder as missions something like "First 48" but your twin brother Jeremy gets out of prison from doing 11 years but still drug dealing and is on parole and still a member of the crips reunited with the crips on the block in front of a crack house when a rival gang did a drive by shooting in broad daylight and brutally shot Jeremy Jenkins at close range in front of the house that will be Johns last homicide mission to figure out who killed his twin brother as a homicide case and to complete the game

this would be a very intense game to actually play and experience the real life scenes of a LAPD officer and Detective.

comment thoughts please

i would like to work on that idea with you, lets do it

Raybo89 koanly2 years ago

Check out the idea I posted. Let me know what you think and if you would want to run with it.

it's a really good idea! :)

Only if I could make it happen it would probably b the best\realest game of 2014

Raybo892 years ago

I have an idea for a video game called Omega. It is similar to Devil May Cry and Dante's Inferno, but is very original in its own rite. It would be very easy to put this game into a linear, 2-D format. I have a Word document describing the plot, gameplay, characters and character abilities, but I don't have the experience, connections and know-how to develop the game. That's where you come in. I need someone with a working knowledge of video game design and an entrepreneurial risk-taking perspective to make this a reality. We can start with the 2-D format to get us going, but I plan to have the finished product in a 3-D open world format on consoles and in stores nationwide. I have the game planned out from start to finish. This game has great potential to be successful, I just need someone to take the risk. Think of it as a road trip. We need to get from where we are, wannabes, to our destination, success. You're driving the car, I'm the guy holding the map. Are you ready to make this happen? If you are, contact me at Adam_Bowling41@eku.edu or 606 224 1357. Help me bring my brainchild into this world! I look forward to hearing from you.

Raybo89 Raybo892 years ago

I neglected to include any details of the game for the purpose of protecting my idea. It is protected legally, but I don't want to go through the hassle of someone trying to steal it and it becoming a legal matter. I assure you that if you run with this, it will be well worth your time.

Raybo89 Raybo892 years ago

Okay, I'll give you a little something to go on.


The Earth has been overrun by Hell and Satan's army is closing in on Heavens gates. As Omega, the last arch angel in the Divine Army, you must fight your way from Heaven to Earth, then from Earth to Hell, defeating an army of Satan's minions along the way, increasing in difficulty and abilities until you reach the final boss, Satan. The game opens with a dialogue between God and Omega. Then you make your way from Heaven to Earth, fighting an aerial battle with Harpies (flying demons) along the way. Once on Earth, you make your way through the ruins, fighting various demonic forces and armies of undead, rescuing survivors, saving souls (either from those who are dying or those who have been possessed), and gathering armor upgrades, weapon upgrades, and divinity from fallen angels (you gain divinity one time from each fallen angel). Once in Hell, you make your way through various levels, fighting enemies of increasing difficulty. In Hell, you can gain upgrades and divinity by converting Satanic temples once you have defeated the necromancer guarding the temple who summons the dead to fight you (temples can be revisited to replenish divinity). You start off with a melee attack, two basic weapons, a shield, flight and special abilities (the last two use divinity, which regenerates over time or can be replenished at certain locations. As you progress through the game, you gain special melee attacks and abilities that require greater amounts of divinity to perform.

If you contact me I can send you a word document that outlines the characters and abilities and we can discuss my idea for a sequel.

Raybo892 years ago

I have an idea for a video game called Omega. It is similar to Devil May Cry and Dante's Inferno, but is very original in its own rite. It would be very easy to put this game into a linear, 2-D format. I have a Word document describing the plot, gameplay, characters and character abilities, but I don't have the experience, connections and know-how to develop the game. That's where you come in. I need someone with a working knowledge of video game design and an entrepreneurial risk-taking perspective to make this a reality. We can start with the 2-D format to get us going, but I plan to have the finished product in a 3-D open world format on consoles and in stores nationwide. I have the game planned out from start to finish. This game has great potential to be successful, I just need someone to take the risk. Think of it as a road trip. We need to get from where we are, wannabes, to our destination, success. You're driving the car, I'm the guy holding the map. Are you ready to make this happen? If you are, contact me at Adam_Bowling41@eku.edu or 606 224 1357. Help me bring my brainchild into this world! I look forward to hearing from you.

bgephart42 years ago

I have an entire word document if you allow me to send the idea and a chart of the food chain.

Your idea is really good and detailed.

lcgumboy2 years ago

Hi am a 13 years old. My idea for a game is called time warp. The idea is based off real historical events. Some events include the boston tea party and WWII. You start off in a world much like ours. It is present time. As you travel back in time and do things you will effect your world in the present. After each level you can go back an check out how your world has changed. Feed back would be great. Thanks!

bgephart42 years ago

Food Chain

my name is Bruce my idea is food chain where you can play many animals in a
Large world.You can play as Kudus,
Impalas, Zebras, Hyenas, Cheetahs, Lions, Dolphins, Sharks.You get to play as humans surviving the
jungle with a friend.It is a
competitive game you compete online.

player must escape the jungle as two humans.You must work your way from the bottom of the food chain to the top.

food bar must be filled, If the food bar is empty they die.It applies to all animals including humans.

Hydration bar must be filled, if it is empty all the animals including the
humans die just like the food bar.

eat watermelon for 20 pts., grass for 5 pts., and lilies for 15 pts..They may attack humans if they get too
close.They attack them with their
antlers.Their line of sight for animals is large.Once a kudu spots a predator they have a
chance to escape from their line of sight which will award them 10 pts..It breeds every 10 seconds which awards them
10 pts.There is a limit to the amount
of animals you can breed but it depends on the species of animal.I would set the limit at 10.Kudus also run really fast.

have the same point system as the Kudu and have the same behaviors.It is just a different species of animal.

eat grass for 5 pts., bark off trees for 20 pts., and leaves for 15 pts..They have a large line of sight to detect
predators and humans.They can attack
humans with their hooves.They may
escape a predators line of sight just like the kudu and impala.They gain 10 pts. for breeding and escaping
predators.They gain 10 pts. for
escaping humans too.Zebras run really
fast.They breed every 10 seconds.10 zebras is the limit.

like lions and cheetahs sneak.They also
pounce to catch their prey.Predators
also have a noise bar to tell them how much noise they are making.I want this to be a challenge for the
player.If he makes a really loud sound
then of course the herbivore is going to leave.

eat Zebra for 5 pts., Wildebeest for 10pts., and warthogs for 15 pts..They can sprint, sneak, and pounce.They breed every minute.2 Cheetahs is the limit.

eat Giraffe for 5 pts., Hippos for 5 pts., Buffalo for 5 pts., warthogs for 5
pts., wildebeests for 5 pts., impala for 5 pts., Zebra for 5 pts., and kudu for
5 pts..They can sneak and pounce.They have a short line of sight.Lions don’t breed.

eat squid for 5 pts., they have a 50% chance of killing a shark for 30 pts.,
eating fish for 5 pts., and eating crabs for 5 pts..Dolphins have a large line of sight. They
breed every 10 seconds.10 Dolphins is
the limit.

eat zebra for 5 pts., Giraffes for 5 pts., Kudu for 5 pts., and Impala for 10
pts..They can run at a medium
pace.They have a medium line of sight.
They can sneak.They breed every 10
seconds.10 is the limit.

Sharks eat dolphins for 5 pts., small fish for 1 pt., and shore animals for 15
pts., they eat Zambezi sharks for 10 pts..Sharks can detect humans and land animals the whole game.They attack their prey when they fish or
drink water.They breed every 1
minute.2 is the limit.

sharks eat squid for 5 pts., dolphins for 5 pts., shore animals for 5 pts., and
small fish for 1 pt., They eat tiger sharks for 15 pts. They attack their prey
when they eat fish and water.They
detect humans and land animals the whole game.They breed every minute.2 is the

can make fire for 5 pts., spear for 5 pts., Herbal medicine for 5 pts., bow for
5 pts., fishing nets for 5 pts., and rafts for 5 pts..They can make a fire by finding and carrying
several sticks.They need to find a
rock, bark, and grass.Once you have
these you can make a fire.They can make
a spear by breaking a branch off a tree, finding a rock, and finding cannibus
plants. he can make a raft with logs found on the ground he needs his partner
to help him though.They also need
cannibusto tie the logs together.They can make a bow by breaking a branch off
of a tree and finding a cannibus plant.They
can make fishing nets by finding cannibus, and bark.They can make arrows from a rock and a
stick.Humans do not breed.They have a noise bar just like the
predators.They need to estimate the
power of their bow.They cook their meat
from the fire they made.

There are several different teams.The human team makes the effort to escape the
jungle. There are only two players
on this team.The two players at the top
of the board will be selected based on the number of points they have.The animal team needs to stop the humans from
escaping.All animals are against each
other unless they are the same type of animal.If they are the same type of animal they can cooperate.All animals and humans casually run.

pounce to catch their prey.The
predators should have to be accurate when they pounce.I want the predators hunt to be really
challenging.The predators should also
have a pounce bar to tell them the power of their jump.

need a challenge to spot their prey.They need something similar to a cross hair to spot their prey.They need to separate and create spotting
strategies.The predator also needs to
know that he lost it.They also have a
50% chance of countering the predators attack and running.

a predator attacks a predator they can counter the attack and escape the
fight.If there are sharks
fighting,the opponent that wins eats
his food which would be the other shark.Whoever counter acts the attack wins the fight.

animals casually run.The Impala is
unlocked at 150 and the zebra is unlocked at 300.

superbat52 years ago

I have an idea for a horror game called the two destinations. it is about a man who goes out to the woods in search of his lost son, kyle. he has two deadly destinations to go to. this game is based on your decisions so you can do different gameplays each time. this will be a shooter/puzzle game. why do I call it a shooter ill tell you why, you are equipped with a gun, a supply of food and water, and a knife to cut you out of traps. there are lots of cool mini games like hunting included with the game. you will need to fight off things with the gun like zombies, crazy people and the kidnapper! you can come up with more if you'd like to.

I tried really hard to get this idea so plz don't make fun of me.):

Marco_Capp2 years ago

Hello to everyone, I'm just 13 years old but i have an idea for a videogame, It's a survival-horror, science-fiction game that takes place in the second world war called "...":Operation Wallbreaker.

History: A small meteor hit Germany once, some german scientists went there few days later and discovered a plant in the middle of the crater and rests of metal. The plant itself wasn't suspicious until one of the scientists got infected with it and got insane. The plant was delivered to a secret underground facility to make further studies.

They discovered that the plant could not just make any organism to get angry but it could also mutate de DNA of it. A high temp. resistant sticky fluid was also created thanks to it.

Introduction: It's almost the end of the second world war, the germans are being ambushed by the americans and the russians.

There's a german weapons factory near Berlin, which is a great source of military resources, the americans found out that "special weapons" were being made in there.

Eventually to prevent any advantage the americans send paratrooper units to land and attack the facility, this operation would be called operation "wallbreaker". You take control of a young soldier(just a little boy) who is one of the paratroopers.

After you landed on the facility you are forced to go down in an elevator with some soldiers from your company due to a german counter-attack on the surface.

The elevator goes lower than expected and you find yourself and your teammates in an underground scientific facility, there are dead people and blood everywhere. Suddenly you are all attacked by mad, angry scientists. Your team runs along a corridor while being ambushed, you open the last door

in the corridor and it closes electronically behind you, leaving your friends without escape.A man tells you (through a speaker) that he closed the door to save you and

that it cannot be opened againg, after a short walk you meet him. He later betrays you inyecting a sedative mixed with a experimental products on you.It made a mutative effect on you wich increased your fisical strengh and your body musculature. While the sedative was making effect he tells you that all the other test subjects died from a heart attack. Then you fell unconcious.

You wake up while being dragged by a scientist. When he realized you were awake he ran away. You find youself trapped in an underground facility, unarmed, fisicaly stronger and with angry people and other unknown creatures crawling in the shadows. What do you have on mind that will help you to survive this nightmare?

In this game you should take everything as a weapon or as an item E.g: Water pipes, flare guns, flares, knives, flashlighs, lanterns, acid bombs, molotov bombs etc. You will also find pistols, rifles and submachineguns, but not too much ammo for them. You will find people on the way that will want to get out of there too and every action you make will save them or kill them: will you go to the machine room first? or, rather you will go the weapons room?

You wont get infected with this mutative agent because you already got a variation of it.

There would be several DLC's like E.g: A scientist whom's caught with his family by the Nazi army, they make you work for them with the deal that they wont kill your family. Then you have to escape from the underground facility when everything gets out of control.

Or a german farmer that lives near the facility whom's home town and farm are attacked by creatures several days after the operation "Wallbreaker".

There are other games and DLC's of the same thing that i have in mind. I feel a bit silly for thinking about all this, but i'm just a boy and boys don't grow up as fast as girls...

I started with this idea while i was playing Half-life multiplayer. I have a facebook acount by the name Marco Cappelli I have no profile photo and i've got 22 friends!(if anyone wants to contact me)

Sorry for my bad english, I'm argentinian.

this sounded good to be only 13 years old keep up the great ideas.