I posted a New Instructable.

i Posted a holiday related instructable, Check it out here or here

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=SMART=9 years ago
Good ible !
peach_fart9 years ago
woah, this was posted 25 days ago and it had 25 comments.
Flagged as spam, not cool and if I remember this isn't the first time. Stop posting topics that are purely spam... It'd probably help your 'ibles if you didn't some people really take against it.
It's not spam, it's legitimate publicity for an ible. I'm sure at least one version of the "how to write an ible" ible even said that starting a forum was one way to attract attention for your work.
I still reckon that unless there's a legitimate reason for starting a thread on an 'ible it's spam. It's on the recent list and such, I think pushing it on a topic is a bit ridiculous, as is sending random unsolicited PMs without reason, I think when a user is likely to be interested in it or has been waiting on it it's not unreasonable though. I think the idea of having an 'ible or forum for advertising 'ibles would be better, specifically one on getting out there on other place on the internet, which is more likely to generate views in comparison. Plus it has the potential to attract new users...
When you publish an ible or a forum thread, one of the options given is to email it to as many people as you want. Unless you're producing a google-friendly project, or you have a lot of subscribers, then your work will quickly slide out of view down the "recent" list. The vast majority of members do not spend hours a day on the site, and quite possibly only search for topics that already interest them. Many probably only look at the featured list, or even just the projects featured in the newsletter. A forum thread is, then, the only chance many quite worthy projects have of getting any significant traffic. In other words, give the guy a break.
One of the problems I have is when more people were doing it... Maybe it's just a pet peeve though... One issue I bring up against it is that it doesn't generate many views either... Part of the reason I had that notion of having a more customizable member page, in an attempt to make them more visited and more useful to other members...
That's how I feel. When it's a member's first instructable, I normally turn a blind eye, but this was his twelfth. While the topics that pop up once in a while may not be a huge problem, what if everybody started making a topic for their new instructables? The recent view in the forum would just be another Recent Instructables section. Instructables is divided in a way that if you want to see instructables, you go to one section, and if you want to discuss topics, you go to another. Mixing them creates redundancy and confusion.
I suppose it's anyones views... Though the redundancy is annoying...
The vast majority of members do not spend hours a day on the site...

I guess that I'm a minority....

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