I predict the Japanese Dog-aclypse.

Have you seen what Japanese pet owners do to their dogs?

Any minute now, I expect to read on the news that every dog in Japan turned, as one, and chewed off the hand that dressed them!

Picture of I predict the Japanese Dog-aclypse.
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Jayefuu8 years ago
I read that article..... it made me cringe. But spending their time dessing up dogs is harmless, better than things other people in the world do for fun.
Yeah suppose its better than fighting other countries and stuff...
lemonie8 years ago
The Japanese like some strange things, but I've seen Americans do as bad. Still you know what some people do to their children...

Permit me to assume that is someone's child rather than a doll and say: Jeeez-us!

 The sad thing is that you're right!  They have television shows dedicated to it.  (just in case you didn't know)

Toddlers & Tiaras 
Do you have a structural blueprint to the studio that makes it? You know, with critical support beams prone to C-4, walkways with good sniper positions on the producers, and vents big enough for a person to get through?
 You want to blow up children?
No. I want to snipe out the producers, wait for the children to run, THEN collapse the building.
 Well then, I'm sorry, I can't condone that.  I only condone blowing up children.  Call it a personal hobby.
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